It’s Prayer Time Again

Hello table family. I hope you are well today. We have seen some extraordinary things happening in our world right now. I feel like we need another prayer time…


Father in Heaven, we have been witnessing some very unfortunate events in our world these days. Lord these things grieve us tremendously. But Father we know it grieves You so much more. Lord we ask for Your grace and mercy and also Your forgiveness. Lord there has been a heavy load being carried by so many and we ask for You to ease the pain. Families are being affected in so many different ways and we need Your guidance. Father there is a multitude of people suffering from the variety of events going on around us. Grant Your peace Father, grant Your harmony. May we keep our eyes focused on You and how to love others the way You do. Turn our eyes heavenward Lord and help us to see others through Your eyes. We pray all of this with linked arms Lord in the name of Your Son Jesus. Amen.


There are so many folks hurting right now for so many different reasons so I encourage you to leave your prayer requests in the comments and let’s link arms again in praying for one another. I’ll be praying for all the requests left here as well. I look forward to praying for you. Blessings to you all.

A Message for Monday

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fabulous Memorial day weekend. It wasn’t quite the same as years past but we still enjoyed the day. It was beautiful weather and we put chicken and steak on the grill. What did you do?


I have a verse here that reminds us to remember. Kind of a tongue twister, but since our last few months have been anything but normal, I thought this verse might be needed right now…


Psalm 9:1  “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart, I will recount all of Your wonderful deeds.” (ESV)


This guides us into remembering all the things God has done for us in the past. This then allows us to have confidence in what He will do in the future.


If you are having trouble holding on to how God will present Himself in the future, just reflect on how He has done it in the past! Have a blessed Monday friends, see ya Wednesday 🙂

Finally she stopped running away!

Father in Heaven, I ask that You would bless these words as they enter into the Emails of those who will read them… and also those who won’t. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hello table mates! Let’s pretend we are at a Memorial Day picnic and we are at a picnic table. It has the traditional red and white gingham table cloth. A pot of Geraniums sits in the middle of the table. The stack of paper plates, cups and napkins sit at one end of the picnic table. On a nearby makeshift outdoor table is a large five gallon pitcher of pink lemonade. There is burgers on the grill and a huge bowl of potato salad and baked beans are A’plenty! Watermelon sits decoratively arranged on a platter cut in perfect triangle slices and just to make it a real picnic… ants are making their way up to the watermelon.


Okay, is your mouth watering? Oh how I long for the time we can freely and safely gather together again and enjoy these picnics.


Whenever we would have such gatherings, we would have to make sure our back gate was shut and locked so that our dog didn’t get loose. A fenced in back yard was our best defense against our roaming rover packing a nap sack and setting out for an adventure.


Before we moved to a home with such a back yard, we had to be mindful to have her hooked up to the outdoor leash BEFORE opening the door. She had flown the coop on more than one occasion and we spent a worrisome hour or so “retrieving”  her. I make this awful pun because my dog is part Labrador Retriever. Anyway, she made a habit of running off whenever she got the chance.


I don’t know if she felt like she would have more freedom or would maybe have a better life or if she simply wanted the whole world to be her back yard. As a puppy, she had to of course get used to her new home. She had to realize that we were there to protect and shelter her. We were there to feed her and give her water. We were there to give her an abundant life.


What she didn’t know at first was we rescued her to give her a better life. We loved her but she needed to learn that fact. She didn’t understand our words simply telling her that we loved her. She needed to see it in action. She needed to understand the evidence of our love.


Once she understood that… she finally stopped running off!


Friends, much like our family loving Winnie (our precious third child) and wanting to rescue her, God loves us and wants to rescue us.


John 3:16 “For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He even gave His one and only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him as Savior shall not parish, but have eternal life.” (Amp)


God loved His children so very much that He showed that love by giving us a Savior. He rescued us and gave us a better life through His only Son. Jesus who is the bread of life (John 6:35) feeds us. Jesus who is the living water (John 4:14) quenches our thirst.


Sometimes if we have had difficult circumstances in our lives, we find that it is hard to trust that God loves us. But dear readers, just because life has handed us some difficult trials and situations doesn’t mean God doesn’t love us. It takes getting to know God to be able to fully trust God. Just as my Winnie had to get to know us in order to fully trust us. We demonstrated to her that we loved her. We showed her we wanted to take care of her and give her a better life. These verses demonstrate these same attributes that God has towards us.


God doesn’t desire to make you feel fenced in or trapped. My pup feels free to run without being leashed within the boundaries that are safe for her. God wants us to feel safe to Rome and explore safely in the loving boundaries He has shown. The fence in our back yard isn’t there to trap our beloved four legged kid, it’s there to protect her and once she got to know us and trust us, she saw the fence as her freedom. She saw us as her security. She knew we had rescued and saved her. Now that she knows that, even if the fence is left open… she doesn’t run away.


Do you ever feel like you keep running away from God? Do you feel like every time the fence is open, you run off? Get to know your Heavenly Father better. Read His word and learn just how much He loves you. Once you know Him and understand that the boundaries He has are for your safety, you will understand His love for you better. Then even when the gate is left open… you won’t want to run off. .




Those Birds are Stealing All the Seed!

Father in Heaven, please go before every word written and every word read and let them be Your words to be written and read. In Jesus name, Amen.


Good morning and welcome to the table! Let me take this moment and apologize for getting to the table late this Wednesday. I wasn’t on task like I should have been and the days simply got away from me. It’s been very gloomy and rainy here the last few days. But today the sun is shining brightly and the birds are singing! So let’s grab our coffee or tea and linger over a muffin or two…


This past Sunday my husband decided to go ahead and get the grass cut in between rain bursts. He worked quickly and was able to get it all done complete with weed-wacking and edging. He even had time to put down some much needed grass seed in the areas that were looking pretty bare.


Walking around the yard, he observed the spaces in desperate need of seed in order to flourish and grow once again. Noticing the spots that seemed to be dying and turning brown, he sprinkled a generous amount of seed knowing the rain was coming to water it.


The seed he had left was returned to the bag and kept for other places later on. My husband put all the tools he used back in the shed and came inside.

“Just in time” he commented.

The rain began again in a gentle shower which the seed needed and he glanced out the window to watch the rain for a moment.


The next evening, he and I were sitting on the couch watching a little television and he looked out the living room window once again.

“Look at those birds” he said, “they are eating all the grass seed I put down.”


My mind immediately went to the scripture found in the gospels…


Matthew 13:4 says “and as he sowed, some seed fell beside the road between the fields and the birds came and ate it.”


My husband planted seed for it to grow and become lovely green grass. God plants seeds of hope and encouragement in our hearts to grow our spiritual life.


Just as the birds came and took my husbands grass seed, the enemy comes to take the seed God plants as well. These birds come in the form of discouragement, depression, trials, harsh words, losses, infidelity, lies, and the list goes on.


We need to protect the seed that God plants by staying in His word and continuing to let more and more seeds be planted. God finds all different ways to water them; a kind word from a friend, a song, a much needed phone call… He’s not limited by the ways He waters those seeds. Keep planting those seeds by reading God’s word and then plant seeds in someones yard by sharing that word.


Think about how much life is in a single seed! It’s still the most amazing thing to me, in all of God’s creation! One single seed grows into such life giving and life sustaining matter.


Have you planted seeds today? Get your seeds in God’s word and plant them in your heart. Then spread some seeds in your neighbors yard! Blessings friends and I’ll be praying for the right water for your seeds.



A Message for Monday

Hi all and good Monday morning. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I saw this verse this morning and while it is very short, I felt it was a great reminder…


1 Thessalonians 5:25 says “Brothers, pray for us.” (ESV)


That’s it. This is Disciples of Jesus speaking to the people in Thessalonica. In other words, the church leaders speaking to the people who want to spread the Gospel.


I felt like this was a fantastic reminder to pray for our church leaders. I think we can at times, forget that our spiritual power houses need prayer too. They need prayer to continue being leaders and for spiritual guidance and decision making. So don’t forget to send up a prayer for spiritual leaders everywhere. Ask God to inspire them and help them continue to lead.

Marked with Orange Iodine

Father in Heaven, may this message be Yours and may these words be healing to anyone who needs the healing. In Jesus name, Amen.    Welcome Welcome, pull up a seat and grab your bagel or toast or fruit… maybe all three… and your beverage and let’s chat.



I’d like to be able to tell you that due to my vision loss as a kid, that I was cautious when hanging out with friends or going on adventures. Yeah, I’d LIKE to be able to say that but then I’d be dishonest.


Back when I was a “tween”ager, it was incredibly cool to own your very own roller skates. So since my friends and I WERE incredibly cool and went to the roller rink nearly every weekend, it made financial since to have my own skates.


I don’t actually remember how I came to be the proud owner of gleaming white roller skates with bubble gum pink wheels and toe stop. Oh yeah, we’re talk in’ waaaaaay cool here! These were only to be worn with knee high socks you understand, so I had various knee-highs to wear with these beauties.


After many outings at the roller rink showing off my mad skater skills in totally tubular skates, I decided it was time to take it to the next level. Oh you guessed it… skating on concrete around my neighborhood for all the neighbors to see! This of course meant all the neighborhood boys would see as well. Wink Wink. So I threw on my bright nautical blue terry cloth shorts with a wide white stripe down each side and a crisp T-shirt so as to give the illusion of some sort of skating talent show complete with costumes. I even went so far as to put my skates on BEFORE going outside. So I had to get out the door and down the couple steps of my front porch to skate down my driveway and out into the street.


Now I lived in a low-key neighborhood, not a lot of traffic at all, so it wasn’t dangerous to skate in the street. Up and down the street I went, back and forth. Then I decided it was time to go all the way around the block. Off I went…


Now one of the cool neighborhood boys had just gotten a brand new shiny, dark purple and black… wait for it… Mo-ped! Wheeeeeewwwwww! Major cool!


Ever collected, level headed me thought that this modern day Fonzy would surely see me as super foxy if I did some crazy stunt on my skates. So naturally I asked him to tow me around the block while I held on to the back of his Mo-ped. Cool right?


I indeed held on the entire way around the block. But I wanted to up my game by shouting to him to keep on going past my driveway and I’ll just let go. He nodded. Picking up the speed (as much as a Mo-ped can pick up speed), he sailed past my driveway and I… let go! My skates hit the end of my driveway and down I went. My feet never lost momentum though. They seemed to propel up the driveway, dragging my unwilling body along with them. Not wanting to be embarrassed anymore then I already was, I quickly stood up and said “I’m fine, thanks for the ride!”. Waving as I turned away so he wouldn’t see my eyes filling with tears, I wasted no time scurrying into the house. I looked down at my injured hip and leg to assess the damage before crying to my mother, I discovered my shorts were shredded and I had road rash from my thigh to my hip. Pebbles and dirt were embedded in my flesh and I was bleeding.


Calling for my mom, she came around the corner of the kitchen where I was and asked why I was crying. Turning to the side, I showed her the results of me being so cool. Quickly bringing me to the bathroom to get a better look, she determined that she could clean and bandage it without a hospital visit. Oh it was painful to have it cleaned! The gentle rubbing my mother did to wash away the debris still made me Shriek and cry with every swipe. Then came the medicine to keep infection away. The dreaded       I O D I N E! You know, the stuff that turned your skin orange and let everyone in on the fact that you got hurt? A large patch of orange peaked out from under my shorts for quite sometime after that mishap. I had to tell anyone who hadn’t been looking on that day, about my failed attempt at being cool. Worst of all, I had to face the boy who I had been trying to be cool for. He wasn’t impressed by the way and we didn’t begin a summer romance only to get married later. No, my 1980’s Judy Bloom reading self did not catch the eye of my crush but I did have a story to tell for a while.


I think the lesson I took away from that incident (all be it years later) is that this failed skating stunt didn’t disqualify me from ever skating again. When my injury healed, I laced up my skates and headed back to the rink.


2 Chronicles 15:7″But as for you, be strong and do not lose courage there is reward for your work.” (AMP)


I didn’t become a world famous skater after this little set back, but I did enjoy many more weekends at the roller rink with my friends and made more memories. But even more importantly, I saw that incident as a pivotal moment. I could have let my failure define me and what I should or shouldn’t do, or I could look at it as an opportunity to see where I went wrong and be sure to not repeat it. I knew what wouldn’t be wise and I apply that thinking in my life now.


Even in my work for the Lord, I analyze where God has gifted me and where He hasn’t. I don’t feel like a failure when I don’t “get it right”. I try something new and if it’s not where God has gifted me, I leave those things to those He has gifted that talent. It doesn’t mean I can’t do ANYTHING for God, I just need to clean the affected area and put on the ointment that reminds me that this wasn’t my talent.


Past mistakes or farriers do not disqualify us from being used for God’s kingdom. What they should do is help us to understand God has given each of us talents and gifts and if we need to try some talents out to see if they fit, then that’s okay. As long as we don’t let it stop us from working for God if one or more of the talents we try don’t work out. Put on the ointment and let it be a reminder that God has gifted you in the ways that will best glorify Him and injuries from the past will heal and not discount you from God using you in the future. Just let your wound heal and then put the skates back on.






A Message for Monday

Happy Monday to all of you! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. I know Mother’s day can often bring heartache and sadness. I pray that wasn’t the case for you. If it was… I’m so very sorry.


I have a verse for you today that I hope will bring some comfort to someone who feels like God could never accept them. Maybe someone feels like they have just done to much wrong or that the work they do for God just isn’t good enough…


Romans 11:6 says “But if it is by grace, it is no longer on basis of works otherwise grace would no longer be grace.” (ESV)


Grace – Courteous good will. The free and unmerited favor of God.


That’s the definition of Grace. It is unmerited… unearned. It is God’s good will to extend grace to each and every one of us who will accept it. If we can’t earn it, then we can’t do anything to get it. No work we do will earn us God’s grace. By the same token, nothing we have done will keep us from it either! As long as we accept the gift of His grace, then we get it.


You wouldn’t think of refusing a birthday gift from your best friend would you? Jesus… AKA, our best friend… is offering you a gift. All you need to do is accept it. It has your name on the tag and everything.


Have a blessed start to your week my dear table family 🙂



Oh Dear!Misspellings are A’foot!

Good morning table family. I wanted to let you know about a couple of corrections.

You see, my computer reads everything to me and so occasionally it plays a cruel joke on me and doesn’t change a misspelled or misused word like it’s supposed to. Words such as “peddles” that should be “petals” or “passed” when it should have been “past”. I had a valued Email com to me this morning with what my post had in it that needed correcting. I will send out the corrected version later when I can have someones eyes actually looking at it to make sure my computer doesn’t fool me again. I just wanted to let you all know this so you didn’t think I should no longer be writing anymore, lol. Thank you for your understanding and compassion with me. Love to all of you!

I Was Totally Topless!

Father in Heaven, I pray that these words have the effect You want them to have. Let them be honest and true and bring  glory to Your name. In Jesus name, Amen.


So do you have your coffee or tea or water? I’ve been really trying to boost my water intake lately. In fact I have a small little group on Facebook of people who wanted to drink more water as well so I started the page and we have just a little support group for us to encourage one another on this journey.


But I digress. So let’s settle in with our beverage and hopefully a muffin or danish. I want to take you down memory lane with me, so let’s get going…


When I was about nine years old or so, I began taking dance lessons. You know, the usual ballet, tap, and jazz type of thing. Oh I had such fun with those costumes and tap shoes that made a great noise on the wooden floor! One year our jazz number for the recital had us wearing a white and silver leotard with a silver grass-like skirt. We wore shear black pantyhose and our shiny  black tap shoes. But the icing on the cake was the shiniest glittery silver fedora we had to wear! This costume was a little girls dream come true. Not only did we get to wear such a fancy costume… we got to wear them in front of people! 



That recital went off without a hitch. Eight girls ranging from nine to twelve linked arms and did a Rockette style kick-line! Four of us faced forward and four faced backward and we did a spinning kick-line! Oh how I loved that routine. We got a standing ovation for that one and all eight of us were on a performers cloud nine.


But one other such recital didn’t go quite so well. We did our ballet number where yours truly played the “lead swan” in the show. All the other “swans” were in lilac colored leotards and flowy shear lilac skirts. But I was donning a gleaming white leotard and matching flowy sheer skirt AND silver crown! It was my job to “awaken” all the spell induced sleeping swans  by gently tossing lovely floating flower peddles upon their motionless forms sprawled around the stage. As I twirled and tippy-toed across the stage, I heard my best friend whisper “throw one on me!”. So I obliged. I quickly snatched a peddle out of my basket before I floated passed her and whipped it in her direction thereby beaning her right in the face with the deadly peddle.


This of course brought laughter from the audience and thankfully there was no harm done. The ballet number closed and we again received applause from all the proud parents.


Then our jazz number came up. We danced to the song from the late fifty’s called “Splish Splash”. We had faux card board bath tubs that were fastened to legs to make them stand up. Our outfits for such a number was to wear a bath towel wrapped around us held together by Velcro.


Now I can almost hear you all saying “what! That’s all those little girls were wearing?” But our dance instructor was more conscientious then to let that be all we wore. We were also wearing shorts and what used to be known as a “tube top”, so there were no straps showing. So we proceeded to wrap our towels about us and Velcro them shut, crouch down behind the card board tubs and wait for the curtain to open. The music started, the lights came up and the curtain slid apart. As soon as the words began, we were to pop our heads above the rim of the tub and sing along. When the song came to the phrase “well I stepped out the tub, put my feet on the floor…”, we were supposed to stand up and step over the edge of our flimsy little make-shift tubs. All in one motion as well!


So I dutifully stood and lifted my foot to step over the tub. Accept, my foot caught the edge and knocked my tub over. But that wasn’t the worst… Just as I stood up, my towel came undone and fell off. “Well at least she had on the tube-top and shorts” you may be thinking. But alas… my tube-top fell down to my waist in my upward motion.  So there I stood, tub knocked over, towel on the floor, and completely… TOPLESS!


Gasps rang out and giggles were heard by all. Red-faced and humiliated, I ran off stage into the arms of my dance instructor.  I felt like such a failure. I was embarrassed and crying my little Ten year old eyes out. But you know what my teacher did? She simply let me cry without trying to tell me that it wasn’t a big deal. She didn’t soften the blow by saying that no one saw anything. She allowed me to feel what I was feeling and just held me for a few moments. Then she brushed my hair back and told me she was still proud of me. She was still so happy I was one of her dancers. She Held out her arms and let me run into them, tears and all.


She never made me feel like i was over-reacting or being a drama queen. She validated my feelings and let me know she still loved me.


This makes me think of how God accepts us no matter how embarrassed we might feel or the mistakes we have made. He loves us anyway!


1 John 4:19 “We love because He first loved us.”


It’s as simple as that! This verse doesn’t say that God loved us because we are without mistakes. He doesn’t love us because we are perfect. He doesn’t love us because we didn’t mess up in the dance recital. God loves us because He’s God and God is love. He is waiting with open arms for us to run into and pour out our feelings and hearts. He will validate how you are feeling and then brush your hair aside and tell you He still loves you anyway.


He isn’t waiting for you to get it right. He isn’t waiting for you to pull your top up and set your tub upright. God is just waiting for you. Won’t you run into His arms and let Him hold you? Let Him dry your tears and tell you He loves you.

a Message for Monday

Hi all and good Monday morning to you. It’s a little cloudy here today which is a bummer since it was sunny and beautiful yesterday. But God is good and His Son shines brightly all the time!


So I wanted to share this little treasure with you… it’s a miracle found in a book I admit I  don’t read often enough…


2 Kings 4:5-6  “So she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons who brought the vessels to her and she poured it out. Now it came to pass when the vessels were full that she said to her son ‘bring me another vessel’ and he said to her ‘there is not another vessel’ so the oil ceased.”


This woman and her sons were very poor and had debts that they could not afford to pay. A man of God instructed her to gather many many vessels to hold the abundance of oil that he knew God would provide. The oil just kept flowing until there were no more vessels. Now don’t miss the fact that the vessel supply ran out BEFORE the oil did. God pours out and only stops when we have no more vessels to hold the oil as it were. When we fill ourselves with the word of God (His oil) then we have an overflow to fill other vessels (other people). Now only God can fill people, but we may be the flask He chooses to pour from.


Fill your flask (your heart) and let God pour onto others from your flask.