Feeling Better Now Though…

Hello my table family. Yesterday I awoke with a terrible headache that quickly developed into a migraine. I spent the day on the couch resting. I couldn’t even open my eyes until it was dark outside. My daughter looked after me, making me tea and fixing dinner for the family.


Though I had such awful pain, I was so very blessed by my families care for me. My son called from work to check on me and as soon as he returned home, came to give me a hug. My husband put a post on facebook to please pray for his wife and many people responded. Then he brought me some speckled jellybeans (these are my most favorite candy) and an adorable little bunny sign for spring time. He knows me so well.


I wasn’t able to write my usual blog post because of the migraine, but I wanted to share with you all that even in the midst of terrible pain, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or any other way, there can be blessings.


Look for the blessings in your situation. Write them down and keep record of them. I’m launching my Youtube channel this morning with an introduction video. Next week I will make the blessing box we spoke of a few weeks ago. Start writing down those blessings to put in that box. This is my thought for you this week. My Youtube channel name is Creations from the Table. I’m uploading it about 7:00 a.m. today. May God bless this channel and use it for His honor and glory. See you on Friday! Blessings to you all!

A Message for Monday

Hello table family and good Monday morning to you! I’d like to start implementing a message for Monday each week with a bible verse and a short thought to go along with it. I would however, like your input on whether this is something you all would like, or is it too many Emails? I truly want to serve my readers what they are seeking.


So with that said, I’ll give you the first installment so you can see what this will look like each week…


Acts 17:27  “that they should seek God,and perhaps feel their way toward Him and find Him, yet He is actually not far from each one of us.”


Paul is addressing important men in Athens and has walked among their idols to see what they were worshiping. Paul sees a plaque on one of them saying “To the Unknown God”. He is now instructing them to worship a known God. This God desires a personal relationship with His children, that’s you and me. Seek Him, even if you have to feel your way. Often I have to run my hands along a surface to find something because I can’t see it. When you can’t see God clearly in a situation, feel around for Him. He is not far from us. He longs to be near us and wants us to be near to Him.


May God bless your Monday!

It’s Foodie Friday! (Pizza Sandwiches)

Hello all! I have a great weekend dinner for you that’s fun and easy! Do you like grill cheese? Do you like pizza? Well then this recipe is for you…


I saw this on a youtube video and thought it would be awesome to share with you all.


Pizza Sandwiches


You will need:


Bread that you would use for grill cheese such as Texas style bread. This is a thicker bread.


Pizza or Marinara sauce of choice


Mozzarella cheese and/or cheeses of your choice


Any toppings you love on a pizza




Coat one side of each piece of bread with butter and place it butter side down in a large frying pan. spread the plain side with a thin layer of sauce. Begin layering on your toppings starting with the cheese. Place top with another slice of bread, butter side up,  and fry just like a grill cheese sandwich. Fry them to golden brown gooieness on both sides.


I plan to make these this weekend. Perfect for a movie or game night. Everyone can choose their own toppings and personalize each one. Hope you give them a go! Happy Foodie Friday!

What’s Love Gotto Do With It?

Father in Heaven, my prayer is that we all feel Your love in and around these words. In Jesus name, Amen.


Well hello all! I love sitting around the table with all of you. We are in the week of Valentines day. Do you celebrate Valentines day? I have to be honest and tell you all that my husband of twenty-one years and I don’t really do much on Valentines day.


It’s not that we don’t love each other or don’t think it’s important to have a special day for showing a little extra love for one another. I never really gave much thought to why we don’t get all into the Valentines thing. I suppose it’s because we try not to make a big fuss about any holiday for each other.


But that being said, I would like to introduce you to what might be something new. Have you all heard of the four loves? These are the four different forms of love used in the Greek language and subsequently used in the bible. I’ll give you a quick run down of three of them and then talk a little more about the fourth…


Eros love= the form of love shared between a couple. The root word from which we derive the word erotic. A romantic love that is meant to be shared between a married committed couple under God’s holy ordinance.


Fileo love= the type of love families feel towards one another. Child to parent. Sibling to sibling.


Storge love= The type of love parents feel towards their children. Protective and sheltering.


Now that we’ve had a rough crash course in those three, I’d like to share with you the (in my opinion) most valuable and precious love of them all. This is called Agape love. This is a brotherly pure love. This is the love that God has for each of us. This love cannot be earned, destroyed, broken, payed for, borrowed, given away… you get the idea.


This love says there is nothing we can do to make God not “Agape” us. It’s pure in it’s intent without any ulterior motives. It’s not selfish or self seeking. It cannot be tainted by how we love in return. It’s unexplainable and sacrificial. It’s giving and continually pouring into us. It’s infallible and unchanging.


In short, Agape love is… God!


If you will be spending Valentines day alone, consider spending it with God. If you will be spending Valentines day with a special someone, consider spending it together with God.


No love we can put an explanation to can compare with God’s Agape love for us. He loved so deeply that He was willing to give us His Son as a Valentines day gift of redemption. No love is greater than that!


So even if you are feeling especially lonesome this Friday, light a few candles, make a special dinner or dessert, get a bottle of sparkling juice, and prepare to spend Valentines day with the one who loves you most! Open God’s word and let His love wash over you. Not sure where to start? Start in John 3:16. Happy Valentines day all! Please know my heart is full with all your support and faithfulness in reading what God places on my heart to write. Blessings my table family!

Let’s Not Waste Any More Time!

Father in Heaven, may these words convict our hearts to consider the time You have given us and treat it like the gift that it is. Help us to make the most of our gifted time. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hello my table mates. I hope you all are doing well. This week has been a little tough for me and my family. We had to say good-bye to two family friends just a few days apart from each other.


I have a dear friend who is linking arms with me in ministry, who also had to part with, not only a dear friend but her father as well. This too happened just a few days apart from each other in the same bracket of time as our family. We leaned on each other for some emotional support and had to rearrange some ministry projects we had planned for that week.


I can’t speak into her heartache but I know she suffered it. The funerals we attended certainly carried tears and heartache. At one of the funerals, I had the opportunity to share some memories about the man we were there to celebrate. There were many tears shed but also much laughter to be heard. Those around me were saying words i could certainly agree with…


“How can this be happening?”


“We’re not supposed to be at a funeral for him!”


“He was far to young to say good-bye too, he was only fifty-eight years old!”


These words had also been echoing in my mind as we all sat listening to his life sketch and watching the parade of pictures dance there way across the screen. His wife loved all the shared memories, his daughters will cherish them forever, and his loved ones are left to make a choice. Abandon the idea of letting God comfort them through this tragedy, or commit their lives wholly to the Lord, understanding that we are not promised tomorrow.


Tragedies will come and heartache will have to be endured. But Jesus has told us that He will never leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5)


We can trust this promise even in the most painful of circumstances. I was doing some thinking about the last year or so and I have had to attend the funerals of six dear friends and I feel even more determined to not waste the time God has given me on worrying about how others see me. Not be concerned about how someone else thinks I should pursue the ministries I lead. But to only be concerned with how God leads me and how He would have me to uphold the ministries He’s given me to care for.


My heart is heavy with the losses over the last week, but it is also full of freedom to listen to only God’s instructions. Of course I will listen to what peoples needs are concerning the ministries I lead, but always responding with how God wants me too.


I am doing pretty well on my “unword” of “carry” so far this year. These funerals have allowed me even more growth in this area. Sometimes God uses the tragic to give someone else triumph. I just want to serve the Lord in these ministries He laid on my heart to serve in. Writing, crafting, bible studies, speaking on behalf of the disability community.


What is it you feel He is calling you too? A ministry… making a phone call… reconciling that relationship… going back to school… adopting a child…


It could be anything you feel God is calling you too, but friends… don’t put it off for a “better time” that may never come. If He’s calling you now… answer now. Is He calling you to commit your life to Him? Give your heart to Him? Follow Him? Don’t wait on your response. The time is now. Heed His calling and listen to His voice. Let’s not waste any more time!


If you need prayer in any of these areas or any other areas not mentioned, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m ready and willing to pray for you! Blessings dear readers and I’ll see ya on Friday.

It’s Foodie Friday! (Meatloaf with Sauce)

Hey all! I’ve got a comfort food fave to share with a secret sauce that I use on top. I usually make this with the timeless comfort food classic of home made mac and cheese. But make it with whatever your favorites are. I hope this feeds you physically as I hope the Wednesday posts feed you spiritually…


Meatloaf with Sauce


1 1/2 lbs. ground beef or ground turkey


about 1/2 cups diced onion


2 eggs


Season Salt


Onion Powder


2 Tbl. milk


About 1 cup bread crumbs


In a large mixing bowl place all ingredients (use the season salt and onion powder to taste) and blend them well with your hands. I find the method of taking sections of the meatloaf mixture and forming them into oval shaped patties and placing them on a cookie sheet works really well. This gives individual servings and makes it very easy to freeze any leftovers. To make things even easier, line the cookie sheet with parchment paper.

The sauce to top each patty is as follows:

about 1 cup ketchup


about 1/2 cup brown sugar                            loaf


1 envelope dry onion soup mix


Stir these ingredients together in a small bowl then spoon on to each patty. Cover the sheets with foil and bake at 350 degrees for about 1 hour. Enjoy individual servings and freeze the rest in freezer zip lock bags. Great for a week night when your in a hurry.


Out On A Limb.

Father in Heaven, I pray this view point is pleasing in Your sight and be acceptable to Your people. Bless these words Father and take them where they need to go. In Jesus name, Amen.


The table is set for each of you so let’s chat. Hope you all are well and having a good week so far.


I did some reading in the gospel of Luke and parked myself on the story of Zacchaeus It’s found in Luke 9:1 – 10.


We read about this man named Zacchaeus who is… well… short. He is “small in stature”. He has heard of this man, Jesus but has not met Him or even seen Him. So when he, Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector (AKA, chief sinner) wants to find out who Jesus is, he tries to seek Him out. But alas, when He comes to town, the crowds are simply to much for Zacchaeus to see over. Remember, he is short. I can imagine him standing on tip-toe, jumping up to see over the heads of those crowding around Jesus, maybe even crouching down to  try and see through the legs of the crowd.


After many attempts to see Jesus, Zacchaeus gets the idea to run on ahead of where Jesus is and climb up in a tree to get a better vantage point. Scurrying up the Sycamore and scotching out on a limb, he looks down at the crowd now and scans it for Jesus. The Savior approaches and stops just under the tree and looks up. This man, this chief sinner who has never met Jesus makes eye contact with Him and Jesus calls him by name. But He doesn’t stop there… He tells Zacchaeus to come down from the tree because He has plans to dine with him at his own house.


I can just see the stunned expression on Zacchaeus’s face. Mouth hanging open and eyes wide open, he scurries back down the tree and ushers Jesus to his house. They exchange words and Zacchaeus vows to repay anyone he has wronged financially and follow Jesus from then on. This story lends itself to my canvas like imagination.


Allow me please to take just a smidgen of liberty with this story. Suppose you were Zacchaeus. You are short and disliked by all who knew you. You felt the pressure of this dislike and the inferiority of your stature. Maybe this is even why you have chosen the career path of being a tax collector. A”feared” tax collector. This… this career move will surely bring you respect. But yet… yet there is something missing. You begin to feel an ache in your heart. A void that seems to have no end. You have heard of someone that could offer you something that would fill that void. A peace that surpasses all understanding and you want to find that someone.


You have also heard that this is a righteous man and you honestly have no business rubbing elbows with anyone righteous… or so you’ve been told after inquiring about this person. You feel incredibly small in spiritual stature. This person you’ve heard of is headed this way but the crowd is surrounding Him and shouldering you out of the way. Spiritually pushing you out of the crowd and making it impossible for you to “see” Jesus. Have you had this happen? Feeling as though the crowd… those who are spiritually “taller” then you feel, making you feel as though Jesus can’t or won’t see you because you are a chief sinner? Jesus won’t see you or can’t see you because you need to grow in spiritual stature?


Friend I’m so sorry that someone made you feel that way! That’s not Godly. But don’t miss what came next. Zacchaeus happened to locate Jesus right near a tree that God created and he was able to use it to see Jesus over the crowd. God will “plant” something or someone for us to lean on to rise above the crowds and help us see Jesus. Don’t let what others tell you, crowd out Jesus from your life. You don’t have to be a spiritual Paul Bunion for Jesus to see you. He already sees you and knows your name. No crowd is to big for Him to lose you in it. He can pick you out and call you by name.


Use the proverbial trees God provides and rise above the crowds to see Jesus. He will come to your house and dine with you too.


If you have already climbed your Sycamore and gotten above the crowds and found Jesus, consider being a tree for someone else. Help them rise above the crowd and see Jesus. Take them out on a limb to see Him.