This is Me

Hi, I’m Cyndi! I am a wife to a wonderful God-fearing man for almost twenty years. I am a mom to an ambitious comedic eighteen-year-old son and a spirited fun-loving sixteen-year-old daughter. I love to cook, create anything I can think of to make, talk and visit with friends and even strangers, and of course I love to write. Along with the writing, I love to read what other people write as well. I would love to live in the south somewhere but for now I live more in the suburbs of a town in Michigan. Oh yeah… and I’m almost blind. This means that I have to do things a little differently. It takes a little more time and a little more patience to get things done, but they get done. I was told of my eye disease when I was nine years old. At forty-four, they still cannot diagnose what I have for certain. However, I won’t sit still while they try and figure it out. Each day brings different challenges and some of the same as well. Navigating new territory is the most difficult thing for me to do, but I refuse to be held back and take the chance on missing out on an exciting new adventure. My bucket list holds adventures like parasailing, visiting Ireland, having at least one book published, and I’m sure there are more that I haven’t listed yet. Painting word pictures is my therapy and sanctuary. I use life as my brushes and paint. Lite me a candle, put on the spa music and a-writing I will go. Come on this journey with me, I hope you can find some new colors you like.