Wrapped In Prayer

Hello table family! Oh, how I miss all of you! I have some things I want to share with you but let’s pray first, ok?

   Father in Heaven, would You be here with us and let Your presence be felt Lord? Fill this space with Your Holy Spirit and may these words be Yours. In Jesus name, Amen.

       So how is everyone? I’d love to hear from you and what you may have praises or prayer requests about…

       I’d like to tell you about what’s been going on around here for the last couple weeks. I know it’s been a minute and I had wanted to post over the weekend but I am trying to embrace my limits so as not to get overloaded and end up down for the count again.

       I did my first Sensitivity in Disability seminar on Sunday the 20th, I was quite nervous as I had not ever done a seminar before. This was the first time a seminar like this one had been done at this particular venue so I was advised to not get discouraged by the number of attendees.

       I was in a classroom type set up and there was room for forty people to sit. When six people came in about ten minutes before the start time, my dear friend who orchestrated this seminar told me that would be a good number for a first time. I was satisfied with that. If this was the group that God had sent me and they needed this message, that was fine with me. Also, it meant my blunders wouldn’t be in front of a larger group… wink 😉

       To my surprise, God had other plans. Before I knew it, every chair was filled and one person was standing!

       I had several people praying for this event and I knew God was hearing those prayers. Sometimes He answers with just the right number of people in a seminar that might be less then we hoped or expected and sometimes He exceeds our expectations four times over. When we can accept God’s answer to a prayer for exactly what He knows we need, He will then start to exceed our expectations beyond what we could hope for.

       My first round of Chemo, as I posted before, was not easy and I ended up in the hospital. After some adjustments and an immense amount of prayer from so many of my family and friends including my table family, my second round was much better. I have continued to defy expectations from what Chemotherapy typically brings. I had a very low blood count just a week ago but I was energetic, my color was good and I was sitting face to face with my Oncologist as she was telling me I should have been sick in bed with these numbers.

       I had a parathyroid issue that may have suggested that it was related to my cancer but it was only a hydration issue which I’ve gotten under control now. According to many people I’ve talked to including Chemo nurses, I should be sick for most of my theropy rounds. I have about three days that I am very fatigued and bodyaches. But I feel pretty good after those three days.

       I had my third round of Chemo on Monday the 21st and I am starting to feel just the slightest achiness which I expected and I will be resting for the next three days but I know God has me and He will continue to answer the prayers of my family and friends. I had two speaking engagements scheduled before I learned I had cancer. I didn’t have to miss either one. They were set in place by God at the exact right time after my treatments that I felt good enough to keep those commitments. I have two more scheduled that are falling in the same time frame. God knows what He is doing and when we pray, He hears!

       Friends as of right now, I am half way through my treatments and I can no longer feel the tumor. I don’t know exactly what God is doing but I know He’s doing! I don’t know the full outcome but I know God is working! My whole message to all of you is that PRAYER WORKS!

       I know it can feel sometimes like God isn’t moving or working on a situation in your life but He works in just the right timing for what we need. Sometimes what seems like a closed door is just God working behind it to get everything ready for us to walk through it.

Revelation 3:8 “I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door which no one is able to shut. I know you have but little power. And yet you have kept My word and have not denied My Name.” (ESV)

       God has open doors for all of us and He wants us to trust in the timing of those open doors. Sometimes it takes walking through some pretty tough trials to get to those open doors but then He hands us the key and there isn’t anyone who can shut those doors.

       Though the waiting is difficult and the road is rocky, trust God’s process. Ask for the blanket of prayer to cover you and watch how God works! He will exceed your plans and go beyond what we could ever hope. Will you allow me to be a thread in that prayer blanket? How can I pray for you?

       I encourage you to find a prayer partner who will be intentional in your prayers together. Someone that can lift you up and who you can lift up to God in sincere heartfelt prayer. It is a game changer! Blessings to you all table mates and I look forward to hearing from you! 

2 thoughts on “Wrapped In Prayer

  1. What an excellent testimony! We all go through difficult times, but we can be confident that the Lord is always with us every step of the way. I am praying for you


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