A Week Like No Other

Hi everyone, I’m sorry I’m late getting to the table. I have some thoughts and some news I wanted to share with you but as always, let’s start with prayer…

   Father in Heaven, this is a week like no other Lord. You prepared all week for such a time as this so very long ago. You showed love and mercy to one who would betray You, one who would deny You, one who would doubt You and so many who would shout to kill You. Father may we be mindful of Your sacrifice and be grateful. In Jesus name, Amen.

       I sit here on my couch and reflect on the unthinkable unmatchable sacrifice that Jesus made for me. Sometimes I feel like the verse in John 3:16 get’s watered down, ya know what I mean?

       Yes, Jesus died for our sins but it was so much more then that. He left the perfection of heaven to come to this sin-soaked world and endure seeing hatred, torcher, death, lovelessness, alienation, and out right evil. He CHOSE to do this.

       Now He not only chose to come here but he himself endured all those things done to Him. Then the ultimate gift of love as He was handed over by choice to those who sought His life. He dragged His undeserved heavy rough cross on His shoulders to where they would nail Him to it. Beaten and bloodied, they tore His garments from Him and clothed Him in a purple cloth in mockery.

       They nail Him with enormous spikes to this rugged tree with the bark scraping and ripping the torn flesh on His back from being whipped. He has been beaten beyond recognition and displayed on a cross for everyone to cheer at.

       To complete His mockery, they fashion a crown of thorns and not just place it gingerly on His head, but press the thorns down on His brow causing more pain and bloodshed. You know the most unbelievable part of this whole thing?

He would have done it just for me… just for YOU!

       This week I went to a planned Doctor’s appointment. The night before, I found a lump. After brushing it off with the assumption that it was more dense tissue, I went to sleep. At the end of my visit with the Doctor the next morning, he asked if there were any other concerns I wanted to talk about. I paused…

       I mentioned the lump and he said “well, let’s have a look.” Time seemed to stand still and race ahead at the same time. I had a mammogram and ultrasound scheduled for the next day with the likelihood of a biopsy to follow.

       I received the call the next morning… less than twenty-four hours later, that I was being scheduled for the biopsy the next morning as I also have enlarged lymph nodes. I sank to my knees and cried.

       It is now Saturday and I have to wait until Tuesday to get any results. It’s been a week like no other for me and my family. I never thought I’d be facing a possible Cancer diagnosis. But it gives me just the tiniest glimpse of the anxiety Jesus must have been feeling before His crucifixion. Oh, I’m not comparing my situation to that of Jesus at all, but I feel like He has offered me just a small little peek.

I pray this Easter weekend, that we can stop and really reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus… the complete and full sacrifice. If Jesus asks me to carry the cross of Cancer, I will carry it with His help. I pray of course that this will not be the case. After all, Jesus did ask if it were possible to take this cup from Him. But if it is something that can lead more people to Him, I will plead for His strength to carry it.

       I would humbly ask for your prayers as well my table family. I so appreciate all of you! Have a beautiful Easter and remember that Jesus would have died just for you! Blessings.   

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