Shouldn’t I pull Out Those Weeds?

Welcome in friends! Grab you seat at the table and pour your coffee or tea. I’ve put my spring table cloth on now. I made it last year. I love the various pink flowers that decorate one side and the green and white checked print on the other side. Right now, we’ll go ahead with the pink flowers okay? It just seems to invite spring. Let’s pray…

       Father in Heaven, would You sit beside us here at the table and speak with us. Show us what You have for us in these words. In Jesus name, Amen.

       Well gardening season will be upon us before you know it. For some of you, it may already be here. Flowers, plants and vegetables will be planted and cultivated to produce lovely and healthy fruition. There is nothing quite like going out to your own garden and selecting produce to make a beautiful salad or vegie tray.

       It’s more then satisfying to sit in the back yard on a summer evening at sunset and enjoy the colorful blooms and rich greenery that you’ve tended and cared for.

       Along with the gardening and planting comes the dreaded task of weeding said garden. Oh, those pesky weeds seem to grow wherever they darn well please, don’t they?

       So we get out there with our gardening gloves, a garden spade, and our determination to rid the space of unwanted weeds.

       But have you ever been down on your hands and knees, grabbing weeds by the handful, yanking them up, only to come upon something you are not sure of being a weed?

       It could be one or it could be a healthy plant that we just don’t know it’s kind. We stop and examine it, pull out our phone to google it, and possibly leave it alone because we simply are unsure. It may look like a healthy plant or flower so we don’t want to risk destroying a fruitful plant.

Matthew 13:29 “But He said ‘No, lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them.’” (ESV)

       In the book of Matthew, we see Jesus advising His disciples to not weed the garden as it were, when we don’t know if something is truly a weed. (Read Matthew 13:24 – 30) This is a story to illustrate folks that may be difficult to attend to from time to time. Mostly inside the church. God knows which ones are healthy wheat and which ones are weeds. I certainly hope and pray that I’m not a weed!

       But if we start taking it upon ourselves to make the determination if someone is a weed or healthy plants.

       God will do the separating when it is time. Our job is to keep growing in a healthy way and keep ourselves free from weeds. This is not speaking about inappropriate conduct or illegal actions… this is talking about people who seem to want to be difficult in some circumstances. You know the ones… they complain about every event or how much they had to do or why so and so didn’t help…

       Though it is exasperating sometimes, we must put their complaints aside and continue on with the work that God would have us doing. He will handle the complainers. We mustn’t get caught up in the prickly people patch, as I like to call it. Keeping our focus on Jesus and how we can best serve Him is the goal. When the Lord comes back for His people, He will deal with the weeds and gather His wheat to Himself.

       So be encouraged by these verses and don’t get ensnared in the prickly people patch. God loves each of us and will intervene when weeds start to grow. Let’s not pull up potential healthy plants in a moment of frustration. That supposed weed just might be a healthy plant having a bad season. Love them anyway and let God cultivate their hearts.

Blessings table family. See you next week… I’ll set the table for you!   

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