When Will He Come Home?

Hello Hello! Come on in and have a seat at the table. Let me pour you a cup of coffee… or would you prefer tea?

       Let’s pray first huh?

   Father in Heaven, please sit here at the table with us as we study Your word for a while. Bless us with Your presents and teach us well. In Jesus name, Amen.

       As I watch my children move into full adulthood, I think about how they will both be on their own soon. My son is already on his own but my daughter is still home. She is looking ahead into her future and her dreams are to finish college, find her place in the Criminal Psychology arena and has been perusing the bridal websites.

       I think many mothers have reflected on that rear view mirror of life and wondered if their kids will be alright out there on their own. I often think about the Prodigal Son story and how that Father must have felt.

       This Father gave the younger son his inheritance after he asked for it early. (Luke 15) He took said money and hit the road. He went to a far off country and squandered, drank, and something like snorted it away. He took the Father’s hard-earned savings for his son to be able to live on and blew every last dime on hard living and questionable women.

       Now I can’t relate to the son taking his inheritance and wasting it on a less than desirable lifestyle, but I can relate to a son no longer being at home. Not under my watchful eye. Out from under my wing and flying on his own. The Father had no knowledge of what his son was doing but I’m sure he had a pretty good idea.

       I find it incredible that this Father not only waited to see IF his son would come back but was actually watching for him!

Luke 15:20 “and he arose and came to his Father but while he was still a long way off his Father saw him and felt compassion and ran and embraced him and kissed him.” (ESV)

       This Father’s prayer was so heart-felt and powerful that he not only hoped his son would come home, he was expectant! His son was still “a long way off”, so he was looking down the road as it were, for his beloved son to return.

       He also didn’t give his son the proverbial “I told you so” speech. He simply felt compassion at the sight of his disheveled dishonorable son. He said not a word nor heard the words his son tried to say. He was just filled with the answer to his hearts longing for his son.

       If my son took that path, could I reconcile with him so easily? I’d like to think so. I love my son so desperately as well as my daughter. I’d like to think that seeing them return home would supersede my impulse to say anything other than “welcome home”.

       Friends God is longing to welcome His child home. If you have felt that there is no possible way God would open His arms to you, let me just set the record straight. He is watching for you. He is looking down the road for you. He sees you even if you feel a long way off. He is running to meet you where you are. Will you let Him embrace you and kiss you and bring you back home?

       When I had a time of not wanting to talk to God, I remembered that He would be watching for me to return. When I did, I never felt like He was scolding me or reprimanding me. He simply brought me back home and celebrated with me.

       Are you wanting to come back home? Are you praying for a loved one to come back home? I’d love to pray with and for you. Let me know how I can pray…

       See you back at the table next week friends.            

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