That Unneeded Tool in the Toolbox

Hi and welcome on in! The table is set and ready. Let’s pray together…

   Father in Heaven, please help us to glean from these words the message You have for each of us. In Jesus name, Amen.

       Most of you know that my husband is a master carpenter. He has many many tools that he uses for various jobs. Of course, not every tool is needed for every job. He knows which tools are needed at each job and takes those along with a few extra things just in case he might need them after all.

       Well over the years he has upgraded, scaled down, or just reorganized his tools according to what season of work he is in at the time. There are also tools in his toolbox that he needed frequently once upon a time. Then there came a time that he didn’t need them as much and those tools found their way to the bottom of the toolbox.

       He knows they have served him well and he knows he will someday need them again so he holds on to them. They will always be valuable to him.

       I’ve been feeling a bit like those unneeded tools lately. My Son moved out last July and my daughter has one foot out the door. I know this is the natural progression of life and it’s a good thing to watch your children spread their wings and fly.

       But you see, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the last twenty-one years and to be perfectly honest… I don’t know how to be anything else. My kids don’t need me like they used too.

       They needed so much from me through their growing up years; meals, snacks, dressing, bathing, homework, emotional support, advice, friendship strife, broken hearts… now, they are grown and don’t need these things from mom.

       It feels bitter sweet. I am grateful they are equipped to move into the next phase of life, yet I’m not quite ready to let go. As they tout their new toolboxes with their own set of tools, I remain at the bottom. Underneath the shiny new tools sits the old trusty but rusty tool. But you no what brings me a little comfort? I’m still in the toolbox.

Job 19:23 – 24 “Oh that my words were written, oh that they were inscribed in a book! Oh, that with an iron pen and led they were engraved in the rock forever.” (ESV)

       My husband may not need his old tools on every job, but he keeps them in the toolbox in case he needs them… and you know what? He is always grateful he still kept that old trusty tool in the toolbox.

 I pray the tools I’ve given my children will be helpful and that they find value in using those old tools. I pray the words I taught them will be engraved on their hearts forever. I pray that their mom tool will still be kept in the toolbox even if it’s only needed now and then.

       I just want to be used by God in whatever capacity He has in mind. I’ll just be here in the toolbox if anyone needs me…    

4 thoughts on “That Unneeded Tool in the Toolbox

  1. It’s good to know that regardless of when we, mothers, will be needed by our adult children; it’s just a blessing to be alive and well knowing we have equipped them for this time.


  2. What a lovely heartwarming email to wake up to this morning. I was a single mom to my son and he was my whole life. When he went away to college I was paralyzed. I had no idea how to move forward….but then, of course, I did. When he came home for spring break, I had fully adjusted to my house being clean all the time, I could go in the fridge and get something to eat and it would still be there – laughing out loud now because it seems so unimportant now those things that would annoy me. This same feeling of not knowing how to feel came again when I retired 3 years ago. I worked with these people almost my entire adult life. My son was 5 years old when I started with this company and the day I retired was the day everyone wrote me off. So I get the whole rusty tool on the bottom of the box. But I pray for all people today that feel invisible, or maybe feeling left behind, that God continues to use each one of us to shine His glory on those we come in contact with. Bless your heart….sounds like you will be an amazing grandma some day.


    1. Hi Trish! It’s so good to hear from you! I hope you have found a permanent seat at the table! Yes indeed, it’s such a change when our kids grow up. But with gods help, we know hold a different position in their lives.


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