Put Down Your Weapon

C’mon in table family and have a seat. The table is set with my black chargers and a red and green plaid table runner that has gold trim outlining some of the squares for that festive touch. An Icey clear and white garland is circled in the center around a glass bowl filled with sparkly acorns. I went rather simple this year as my heart is longing for simplicity.

       Hot beverages are ready and I’ll make some scrambled eggs and English muffins with jam… sound good? Okay then, grab a seat and let’s chat. We’ll start with prayer…

       Father in Heaven, I pray Your Holy Spirit to guide us on this journey of words and imageries. May You be glorified and may we come away from this table with a renewed faith in You. In Jesus name, Amen.

       Allow me to paint a scene for you… You are traveling with your church group to a specified place to begin a glorious ministry. You are all packed up and on your way. Things are going beautifully. The weather is lovely, you are able to stop in places together to have lunch and fellowship, even stay overnight and rest. Everyone stays together and nobody gets separated along the way and all is well.

       All of a sudden you realize you are being followed. Not just by one car or even two. No, this is a massive fleet of vehicles chasing your group at top speed. You quickly determine they are looking for you and your group.

       You remember the meeting before the journey began where it was discussed that there may be opposition on this venture and you could be followed. You didn’t expect this though! Your group was prepared with the necessary equipment for just such an emergency but you are trying to out-run the attackers. A high-speed chase ensues and your entire group is fleeing together.

       You are making headway but then the uncanny happens? There is only one way to get ahead and away from these menacing stalkers who mean to do your entire group harm. Not to mention they out number your group ten to one. You look ahead on the road you are fleeing on and realize there is a massive body of water in front of you. “No worries”, you think, “there is a bridge”. Then you see the sign… “Turn Back… Bridge Out”.

       There is no possible chance of turning back, the attackers are now surrounding you on all sides. You are trapped and the attackers are getting closer. It’s time to get out and fight! But how would you ever go up against so many opponents with only the few weapons your group has brought with them. You rush to meet with the leader of your group to form a plan and you are dumbfounded to hear that his instructions are to “Put down your weapons”. In complete disbelief, you begin shouting distrusting statements at your leader and preparing to gather the group for battle.

       “Trust”, your leader calls out to the group, “just trust”. Then just when you think all is lost and your entire group is about to be slain, you hear a rushing sound growing louder and louder. Seeming to see something you all haven’t seen yet, the attackers slam on their breaks and are staring beyond your group at the body of water. Turning your attention that direction, you begin seeing the water rising on each side and getting shallower in the center. Is this really happening? This continues to happen until there is nothing but dry ground through this body of water.

       Staring in utter amazement, your stun gaze seems to be watching in slow motion at what is surely not really happening. You faintly hear voices shouting to get in your cars and flee. Jolted out of your shocked stupor, you run to your vehicle and in a Dukes of Hazzard style motion, you slide across the hood and jump in and punch the gas. You all make it across the valley of dry land where there had just been a large aquatic mass. Screeching to a halt on the other side, you all look back, surely the attackers have followed this dry ground trail to catch up with you again. Just as your group gets across this make-shift pathway and the villains are making their way across, you hear loud cracking and rumbling. The water rushes back over the ground that you just crossed and you are safe from these attackers who sought to do all of you harm.  

       How could this be? How could you get the last car through the clearing just in time?

Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” (NIV)

       This verse is snuggly in the center of the Hebrew slaves fleeing Egypt’s Farrow. The Egyptian army is hot on their trail. The people were surrounded on three sides by soldiers and on the fourth side was the Red Sea. With no way out and not enough man power or strong enough weapons, this is the advice they are given.   

       Friends when you feel the battle is closing in on you, put down your weapons and let the Lord fight for you. His weapons are mightier and infallible. He has artillery that we have no way of duplicating. No man-made weapon, AKA, our own ways of handling a situation, can compare with the way God can handle it.

       Did someone else get that promotion at work? The Lord will fight for you.

Did another person get that ministry opportunity? The Lord will fight for you.

Has someone else gotten an answer to prayer and you’re still waiting? The Lord will fight for you.

Has a friend disappointed you? The Lord will fight for you.  

Have you been accused of a deed you didn’t do? The Lord will fight for you.

Has your marriage taken a hard hit from infidelity? The Lord will fight for you.

Does your child want nothing to do with God after being raised to know and love Him? The Lord will fight for you.

       I have to keep reminding myself of this verse when I feel taken advantage of or week with the exhaustion of trying to fix a situation or frustrated with watching injustice happen around me.

       Table family, write this verse on a post-it notes or note card or some scrap of paper and place it where you can read it each morning as you start your day. Make it your screen saver on your computer or phone.  God wants us to put down our weapons and let Him fight the battle. Will you put them down and get behind God? Let’s put them down together alright?       

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