I Can’t Be There for My Husband

Hi table family! I am coming to you this week with more of an informational post and asking for your prayers.

       My husband is having surgery on Friday. Many of you have had surgery this year or had a loved one who had surgery. It’s a very different process now.

       I can’t be with my husband this time. Due to COVID-19, there are places that are not allowing visitors in the hospital. Where I am is one of those places. This breaks my heart as I’ve always been at my husbands’ side when he wakes up from surgery. I won’t be able to see him until he comes home three days later.

       Of course, I’ll talk to him but I won’t be able to hold his hand and take care of him the way I always have in the past. Many of you have had this experience in 2020. My heart goes out to you.

       This is perhaps one of the greatest opportunities we have to put our full faith and trust in Jesus. Placing the one person on earth who means the most to you in the hands of our all-mighty God is our best option anyway and this surgery affords me the chance to put A L L of my faith in God. Have you had to do the same?

       So, I ask please for your prayers to be added to mine for a successful outcome and guided hands and excellent care. I would be honored to have my table family praying for my husband.

       I would also love to pray for you if you might still be facing this situation in 2020. I would be happy to pray for you if you are currently going through a similar situation. I pray if you already went through it, that it all went according to God’s plans.

       This is what I wanted to share with you this week… that and this Bible verse…

Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord.”

       This verse isn’t suggesting that we only have trust “IN” the Lord… but that our trust “IS” the Lord! In other words, our trust and our God are one in the same. Place your trust in the one who IS trust.

       Thank you for your prayers and I’ll give you an update after the surgery. Blessings table family. Much love to you all.      

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Be There for My Husband

  1. I pray that your husband’s surgery will be a great success and he will have rapid recovery, and will be able to go home as planned. I also pray that you will be strengthened during this time, in the might of out Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


  2. You and your husband will be in my thoughts and especially in my prayers, Cyndi! Putting his name on my refrigerator to remind me.


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