The Fires Of Life

Imagine you are trapped by a grass fire and you can’t see any way out. You are calling for help but you don’t know if anyone can even hear you…

       Hello again table family! Is your seat comfortable? Pour that hot beverage and grab a treat to nibble on. Let’s talk a bit more about this scene after we pray…

       Father in Heaven, I ask for you to open our minds to the imagery here and help us to glean from it what you would have us to glean. In Jesus name, Amen.

       A blazing fire is raging around you and you have no idea how it started or where you are. You have no way out or at least one that you can see. The flames are circling around you and seem to be poking at you from every direction. Oh, and to add to the fear… you are blind.

       This is a scene from one of my favorite Little House episodes. Mary and Adam are traveling in the stage coach to catch a train. Adam has just been told that he received a prestige’s award and he is to go and accept it with Mary by his side. However, they never make it there.

       When they begin the stage coach ride, the driver makes a decision to pull off in a neighboring town to fix the rickety wheel he’s been having trouble with. But before he is able to reach the town, the wheel falls apart and the coach tumbles down an embankment rolling over several times. Adam is thrown from the coach and is now pinned under it by his legs. There is another woman in the coach but she has been knocked unconscious and we later learn she has several broken ribs. So she is unable to go for help. The driver has been killed and Mary is the only one left to go for help on her own. Since she is blind, she has to navigate direction by feeling the sun on her face.

       Walking towards the heat of the sun, she begins climbing the embankment they rolled down. She reaches the edge with some difficulty and just when she tries to pull herself up and over, she loses her footing and falls backward down the embankment once again. Hitting her head, she is now unconscious. The blazing sun is beating down on her and the camera pans in on the glasses she had put in her pocket for the award ceremony. Adam had tried to convince her to use them to illustrate a point but now here they lie in the grass with the heat of the scorching sun shining through the lenses.

       Now there has sparked a flame that engulfs the grassy ledge surrounding Mary. The smoke and heat rouses her from unconsciousness and she discovers she is about to be embraced by enormous flames. She begins screaming for help, but who would hear her? Would she get out of this alive?

       Have you ever felt like the fires of life are just going to consume you? Like the inferno is about to scorch and devour you? Have you felt like there is simply no way out and no one hears you screaming for help? Have you felt blinded in your circumstances?

       Financial struggles, divorce, infidelity, job loss, a wandering child, a hurtful friendship, death… all of these can feel overwhelming and flame like. Threatening to burn us to ashes. The heat from it all is suffocating. We scream for help internally and hope… pray someone will hear us… see us. Don’t they even see the rising smoke from our inferno?

They must come quickly or we will be consumed.

       Daniel 3:27 “and the satraps, the prefects, the governors, and the king’s counselors gathered together and saw that the fire had not had any power over the bodies of those men. The hair of their heads was not singed, their cloaks were not harmed, and no smell of fire had come upon them.” (ESV)

       Do you know what happened to Mary while she was trapped by that fire? Her “Pa” had been out looking for the missing coach and he saw the smoke. As he drew closer, he heard his daughter screaming for help. When fear and fire threatened to consume her, Mary heard her Father’s voice and felt his arms come around her and lift her out of the ferocious flames.

       When you feel this kind of heat and fear, remember that your Heavenly Father will lift you from the blaze. He protected the three Hebrew boys from the fiery furnace and He will protect you too! Trust that your Father will see your smoke and hear your cries for help and He will rescue His child from being consumed by a fire.

       I encourage you to read Daniel chapter three and see how powerful your God is. As Mary cried out, “Pa help me… help me Pa, help me!”, you can cry out to your Pa too. He hears you and He sees you. Trust Him to save you.

       I just love the way my childhood show that I still love today, is a tool God allows me to use for inspiration. God really does care about the little things. Blessings table family… blessings!   

One thought on “The Fires Of Life

  1. Dear Cyndi, I love your blog. I lead a Zoom prayer group on Wednesday evening as one of the ministries I have in my church. I live in Northern Canada in Whitehorse Yukon Territory, and belong to a Seventh Day Adventist church. We are a small congregation of mighty prayer warriors. I always become inspired about what and whom we can pray for in the evening on-line. Oh, and I should mention, I am totally blind. Blessings to you and all of your readers. Love, Wendy


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