What Word Would You Use?

Hello Table family and Happy Thanksgiving!!! Tomorrow is the big day! I so wish we could all sit around the table and share Thanksgiving dinner together. This year probably looks quite different than other years, right? Well let’s talk about that. Grab a piece of that freshly baked banana bread I just made and a cup of coffee or tea and let’s pray together first…

       Father in Heaven, we are so thankful to gather here together and pray together and talk. Lord things are unusual this year and I ask that You would remind us of all the reasons we have to be thankful. Speak to us here Father. In Jesus name, Amen.

       So in years past you may have had a large gathering at your table for Turkey day and had lot’s of dishes being brought to the table that have always been Thanksgiving staples. Maybe you went over to Aunt Barb and Uncle George’s house for Thanksgiving and you brought the favored dish. Maybe you have always been alone on Thanksgiving and this year you were finally getting together with someone and it had to be canceled.

       Whatever has been the normal Thanksgiving traditions may have been rearranged or called off and it can be frustrating. I’ve heard so many words to describe the year 2020, some of these words are:






…and other words I’d prefer not to say here.

       What words would you use?

       I’d like to offer some suggestions if I may. Let’s try to take another perspective…








…and other words I don’t have room to put here.

       This has been a year of discovery about our potentials and strengths as we have had to think outside the proverbial box and lean on areas of our lives we didn’t before. New on-line businesses have been born, resourcefulness has been seen, relationships have been formed and blossomed.

       For me, I’ve had writing opportunities that I might not have otherwise had. I attended a life changing conference I wouldn’t have been able to attend if it wasn’t virtual. I’ve made some wonderful new friends that I met on line because there was no other option. I’ve spent more time with my husband then I’ve been able to in the recent past. Our family spent more time together as well. I’ve been able to make time to connect with friends and church family on a more personal level and cultivate current relationships more fully.

       The point is that it’s all in perspective as to how you will describe the year 2020. I understand that sometimes we just feel down about the way this year has turned out. There has been a lot that has been missed out on. But keeping our focus on what we did have can make all the difference in moving into 2021. Choose Thankfulness. I know it isn’t always and easy choice but it certainly is a choice.

       I’d love to hear what you’ve been thankful for in this most unusual year of 2020. I am thankful for all of you!

       Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and be blessed in what ever you are doing tomorrow! Hugs and love to you all!    

4 thoughts on “What Word Would You Use?

  1. I am very thankful for having reached this milestone in my life. I am a year older and I know things could have been quite different considering all that’s happening. My family is fairing very well, even though there has been sickness. I have spent more quality time with God in study and meditation; on all He has done and is doing. I have no complaints. God is just an awesome God!!


  2. God has been good to our family. I am grateful for the opportunity to slow down and spend this time with my kids and husband. For the first time we eat together every day. I am thankful that my children are adjusting to this new world


    1. Hi sweet Annie! Yes, there are many changes and it can be most difficult to adjust but I’m glad your family is making the adjustments. Quality time with God and our loved ones is always a good thing! I’m so pleased you’ve been able to do that. Blessings on you and your family this Thanksgiving 🙂


  3. I am grateful for two weddings and two new babies in our circle of friends in this most unusual year. I am sorry for a divorce in our family and a recent death due to Covid. I also have a brother who moved into assisted living and will be around more people in the home than he was in his own home, which he did not leave except for doctor appointments for seven months. There are great things to be thankful for. Even in this uneven time.


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