A Bonus Post

Hello all and * S U R P R I S E *

We have a bonus post for this week!

When I first started writing, I began with poetry.Which is pretty odd because I’ve never really gotten into poetry. I don’t dislike it, but it’s not really my cup of tea.

However God saw it differantly. I began writing poems at around 3:00 a.m. most nights and it continued for several months. Not knowing where God was going with all this, I just kept writing the words He was inspiring me with. Four years later, I still occasionally write poems but it hasn’t been as frequent as it once was.

Then I awoke this morning while it was still mostly dark with a title and the first two lines of the following poem and the impression to post it here today. If you like what you read, please let me know and I’ll occasionally through in a bonus post of poetry. All the poems I write have this spiritual content and I’d love to begin sharing them with you if y’all would like to read them. I want to give my readers what they want so drop me a comment with your thoughts.

Without further adue… here is this mornings inspiration…

A Table for Two

The table is set and the food is prepared,

Serving bowls have been filled with plenty to be shared.

   Using the best china and linen napkins too,

I’ve spread out my best tablecloth especially for You.

Just sit right down here, are You comfortable do You feel?

You pour the drinks and I’ll serve the meal.

The glasses are filled and the food is dished out,

There is plenty of everything, of this I have no doubt.

But before we dig in, you bow Your head to pray.

Following Your lead, I waited to hear what You had to say.

“We thank You Father for this bounty we have here,

We are grateful and thankful and would like You to draw near.”

Still You spoke, “Father feed us before we eat,

For You are nourishment to our souls and Meer food cannot compete.”

I am intrigued by Your words and I ponder them a while.

With Your head still bowed, I saw You smile.

Reaching for a Bible I didn’t notice was there,

You opened its pages and read with such care.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good…” is what I heard You say,

“May I read a little more?” You asked of me and I replied “of course You may!”

Verse after verse, our souls were fed as we had our spiritual feast.

The food sat on our plates seeming to not be needed in the least.

You closed the Scriptures and we said another prayer.

“God provides what we need” You say, “and this is the second layer.”

Gesturing to the food while You spoke, my mind was brought back to our meal.

Looking at my plate, I said “there is a fullness that I already feel.”

I hesitated to eat from my plate or even drink from my cup.  

“Spiritual food is nourishing” You said, “it will always fill you up.”

Picking up Your fork You said “God provides physical food too.”

So we partook of the bounty, but it would not fill me like God’s word did, this I surely knew.

We were talking and smiling as this scene faded away,

I opened my eyes and realized that it was a new day.

Was it a dream or a memory, did I really dine with Him?

Was Jesus at my table or was that chance very slim?

I  felt His presence still clinging very near.

It seemed so very real, He surely had to be here.

I knew from that day on that I would invite Him to dine with me.

Whether He was physically here or not, His spirit would surely be.

Personal time with Jesus is key, this advice I give to you,

Make space and time in your day to set a table for two.     

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