Do Not Resuscitate Part 2

Well Hello all! I’m so sorry I had to postpone last week’s table gathering! If there is one thing that will completely throw things off for a blind person, it’s rearranging something! Whether that is furniture or a website, things are not where they once were and it takes some time to readjust. Thanks for understanding and stopping back by to sit and chat this week.

       So, let’s see, where wee we… Ah yes, I was at the hospital with my husband whom I found on the kitchen floor just moments before.

       I heard the nurse telling him that I was just outside his room and would be in just as soon as I could be. I paced in a short line back and forth outside the curtain, arm securely across my midsection and the other hand over my mouth. I don’t know if I was trying to stop myself from crying out loud or trying to keep from shouting at the staff to let me see my husband. Either purpose seemed pointless. “why can’t they just come and tell me he’s alright… why can’t they tell me something?” These were the endless thoughts that branded themselves on my mind.

       There were no other Doctors rushing in and out so I took that as a good sign. Finally… finally the curtain slid back a little and the nurse appeared, “you can come in now.” She said understanding my angst. Carefully moving past her and to my husbands side, I looked down at him and gently ran my fingers over his forehead. He still lay unresponsive in words but his body seemed to relax just a bit at my touch.

       He wore a neck brace and was lying on some sort of board to keep his back stable. They were not yet sure what had happened and wanted to keep his body as immobile as possible. A single tear escaped my eye as I observed my life partner in such a state. Would he walk out of here… would he be wheeled out… would he leave at all?

       I ran my hand down the length of his arm and I felt his bicep flex and twitch. His hand was palm side down at his side and slipped my hand into it. Ever so slightly, he squeezed my fingers. He knew I was there. He knew.

       Over the next few hours, my husband came around and I had to explain a few different times what had happened. He remembered the moments just before walking into the kitchen but nothing more. After several tests and deductive reasoning, the doctors concluded that he had some sort of hypoglycemic attack. Something in the food he ate that night reacted with his bodies natural sugars and his blood pressure plummeted and down he went. The doctor also concluded by the swelling on his head that he quite literally knocked himself cold when he hit the tile floor. I learned that my husband had likely been on the floor for as much as two hours before finding him.

       But one thing still to this day remains a mystery. How in the world did my husband retrieve his cell phone from his pocket, unlock the screen, and call me from a completely buttonless phone, all while unconscious?

       That question has only one explanation in my mind… divine intervention.

       But let’s go back to the title of this post. I mentioned my husband does not have DNR on his license. This of course means that if his life were on the line, it’s all hands-on deck! How is it with you? Would you want everything possible to be done to save your life or the life of a loved one? How about if it’s your spiritual life? Have you felt your relationship with Jesus slipping a little? Has it been slipping a lot? Is it dying? I have been in that place.

1 John 5:12 “He who has the Son has the life, he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life.”

       If we don’t have Jesus then we don’t have life. We need to be spiritually resuscitated. But have we placed a “Do Not Resuscitate” tag on ourselves? Have we told Jesus without words that we are no longer interested in His life-giving love?

       I couldn’t imagine living my life without my husband and when I came so close to that happening, I was SOOOOO glad there was nothing to indicate “DNR”. If you feel like you are tagged with Do Not Resuscitate, consider removing that tag and asking Jesus to grab the spiritual paddles and jump starting your heart again. Jesus doesn’t want to be without you, do you want to live without Him? Let the Great Physician perform a life saving operation to bring you back to life. Let Him resuscitate you my friend.                    

One thought on “Do Not Resuscitate Part 2

  1. Thrilled to see you’re back and to know the conclusion of your story. Wow, Cyndi! That is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing this. As always, you shared encouragement and renewed my hope.


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