Whose package is this?

Hello everyone!Welcome to my table.. If you’ve never been here before, I’d like to welcome you with a big smile and a warm virtual hug! I’m going to ask you to come on an imaginary journey with me in this post so i want you to really try and envision the sceen going on here okay? Here we go…


Have you ever seen a package sitting on a desk at work or in a foyer at church and wondered “whose package is this?” Maybe you wondered if it was for you? You kind of look around to see if anyone is coming to take the package to deliver it. Maybe you’re asking other people if they know who it belongs to. You may even carry it with you from place to place asking if it is this person or that persons package. Now your curiosity is at an all-time high. You have turned the package over and over looking for a name tag but you can’t find one. Hmm, who could this belong to? Surely that person is expecting it but how do you get it to them when you don’t know whose it is? You examine the mysterious package once again looking for any indication of who it is addressed to. Somehow you see a tag that you are sure was not there before. You lift the tag and read the name…To: Jesus. Huh? It’s… to Jesus? How in the world do you deliver this one? You look up to heaven and ask “Lord what is this?”, “Open it.” You seem to hear. Taking the package to a private corner, you sit down on the floor and begin the curious unveiling. Slowly you peel off the wrapping and open the box. There are several folded pieces of paper. You remove one and unfold it. Your eyes widen. On the paper is a struggle that you have been having, maybe with your spouse or kids. You remove another paper. This one is the financial worries you’ve had. Another… the contemplation of seeking a new job. Still another… the disagreement you had with someone at church and how you should handle it.

But who… how could someone know about these things? You’ve told no one. After removing and reading all the slips of paper, you sit there, legs folded underneath you, package on the floor in front of you, slips of paper beside you. Then you realize that you have indeed told no one, not even Jesus. This package was for Jesus containing all “your” concerns, worries, and cares. “Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5;7.

So, you have now found out who this package belongs to, it belongs to Jesus. All of our cares and worries, He wants us to give them to Him. No one who gives a package to someone with their name on it will then expect it to be returned to them. Put all your concerns in a box, close the lid, seal it up, put Gods name on the tag and then give it to Him. Oh, and don’t ask for it back, after all, His name was on the tag.

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