This Doesn’t Fit Right

Father in Heaven, may the words You’ve given me be written and understood just the way You want them to be. I pray this faulty human instrument can be used for Your honor and glory. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hi all. Welcome back to the table. Have you ever gotten a gift at Christmas or a birthday that was an article of clothing? Have you ever had to return it? Perhaps it wasn’t the right color for your complexion. Maybe it wasn’t your style. Maybe it was the wrong size.


I’ve gotten items that weren’t the right size and tried to wear them anyway because I didn’t want the giver to feel bad for selecting the wrong thing. It might have been too small or it might have been too big, either way, I attempted to sport it proudly. But usually the giver would notice the article and comment something like this:


Oh I see you are wearing that shirt! Um, I think they had other sizes.


Oh that jacket looks great! Lot’s of room in there to wear a couple of shirts if you get cold.


Oh I love the way those pants look, I didn’t know they were crop pants.


Well, I suppose the giver doesn’t want to hurt feelings either.


So it’s important to keep receipts I guess. It has taken some time to realize that I don’t have to walk around wearing something that doesn’t fit when there is another size that will fit. I simply have to thank my generous gift giver for the lovely item and ask if they had other sizes as I want to display it’s beauty in the proper way.


I then get the right size or if needed, another item that’s similar, and put it on to better carry myself. If the article fits well, we feel more able to wear it proudly and walk with confidence.


You know we see this very situation in the Bible? No really… it’s there! Let’s look at this section…


1 Samuel 17:38 – 39 “Then Saul clothed David with his Armour, he put a helmet of bronze on his head and clothed him with a coat of mail, and David strapped his sword over his Armour and he tried in vain to go for he had not tested them then David said to Saul ‘I cannot go with these for I have not tested them’ so David put them off.” (ESV)


Saul gave David the “go ahead” to fight the Philistine, but wanted him to put on his own Armour. David was rather short in stature and Saul was rather tall. This cumbersome ensemble was not easily worn even if it fit well. Saul’s Armour was far too big for David to wear properly and have it be functional for him. He clunked around a bit and decided it wasn’t going to work after all. David decided instead to go forth as he had done in the past with what God equip him with.


You see friends, we cannot clunk around with the worlds protection, AKA Armour, and expect it to fit us well. We can only put on the Armour that was made for us… the full Armour of God (Ephesians chapter 6  ). This is the protection that we need. This is the clothing that fits us best.


We need not try and make the worlds Armour fit right, we need to exchange it for the right size. Jesus size. God knows what size you are and His Armour fits the best! You can read about the full Armour of God in the above passage. Oh and God already has the receipt for the worlds ill fitting Armour on file… He’ll exchange it no questions asked… even after ninety days!







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