Are you on your way home?

Father in Heaven, may these words come directly from You and be received in the manner that You intend. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hi all! Grab your seat at the table and let’s chat.


When my kids began driving, I wanted them to text me when they reached their destination so I could rest easy knowing they were alright. Now this didn’t necessarily include the short trips just down the street, but more about the ones that would take more then say twenty minutes to get there.


I know this has probably been a little over the top but it keeps me sane! Being blind, I can’t just jump in the car and rush off if, God forbid, something happened. I know there are apps to track where people are now but again, they don’t really work for me. So we agreed that this was a reasonable option. It doesn’t really apply anymore with my son since he is living on his own now. However, we do like him to text if he were to go out of town.


Well even though my daughter is almost nineteen, she drives about thirty minutes to work so I still like for her to text me when she gets there and when she is on her way home.

(side note) A few weeks ago she texted that she was on her way home and the time she should have been home came and went. forty minutes… fifty minutes… one hour… yeah, we began to panic. She wouldn’t answer her phone even after multiple calls from both her father and myself. Then we heard a flight for life helicopter fly over coming from the direction she would have been coming from. Full on fright set in now and we got in the car to trace her trail. About half way towards her work place, she called me back. “I forgot my phone was on silent!” she yelped knowing we were likely to be upset. “My co-workers and I got to talking and lost track of time.”

Both anger and relief swept over her father and I. Turning around, we went home and just a bit later, our daughter arrived at home.


The fear we felt was real and this is why, we explained to her again, why we like for her to text when she is on her way. She understood and after all emotions were settled, we called it a night.


The text we ask our daughter to give us is that steadfast reminder that she is indeed on her way home. Safely within the protection of her father’s and my care. She keeps connected to her parents by letting us know she is on her way home.


Have you texted your Father to keep in touch and let Him know you are on your way home? Have you been in connection with Him?


2 Corinthians 5:1 “For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands eternal in the heavens.” (ESV)


When we stay connected with our heavenly Father, we have this promise. No matter what happens here to our earthly home, we have one already prepared for us in heaven. One that can’t be destroyed. It’s made by the master carpenter Himself. We can pray and read God’s word and follow the plans He has for our lives, then have the assurance that we are on our way home.


Seeking God first is our text to let our Father know that we are still on our way home. This world is not our final destination. We have an eternal sin free home awaiting us and we are just on the journey to get there. Keeping in touch with our Father to let Him know we are on our way home is a delight to Him. Keep texting Him (AKA – praying, reading, doing).


I long for the day when I no longer have to “text” God, but to walk and talk with Him face to face. My daughter often says she’d rather talk to us about anything, face to face. How about you? Will you “text” God and let Him know you are on your way home? Are you looking forward to the day you can see Him face to face?





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