Back to our regularly scheduled program…

Father in Heaven, may these words serve to witness and glorify Your name. In Jesus name, Amen.


Well hello everyone! Though I will still be continuing to work on my book, I’ll be able to get back on track with posting now. Thank you so much for allowing me this wonky posting schedule… or lack of a schedule. I’d like to fill you in on how the conference was if I may?


The first day of the conference was kicked off by my publisher meeting at 9:30 a.m. I was quite nervous but prayed for God’s peace to wash over me. As soon as the meeting began, the agent I met with, Judy, made me feel much more relaxed. She was very down to earth and relatable. Taking my first mental note of the day, I wanted to remember how she interacted with me so I could interact with people in the same gentle manner.


Our conversation went from ministry to my book subject in just a few minutes. When preparing for this meeting, I followed all the instructions of what was needed for this time. Focusing completely on the items requested, I didn’t write a book proposal. Now who comes to a publisher meeting without a book proposal right? Well in the writing world, I’ve learned you are too follow the instructions the publisher gives and nothing more. So I back burnered the proposal for now.


However, after asking me to put the purpose and desire of my book into a verbal context, per her request, she asked me the million dollar question… “Do you have a book proposal?”


It honestly felt like the kiss of literary death. I paused for only a moment and she picked up on my hesitation. “Um… no, actually I… I… was focused on the one sheet for our meeting and…” I stammered.


Judy was very gracious and understanding. She said it was no problem that I didn’t have it ready right now and offered to Email me a book proposal check list. I greedily accepted her offer. In the Email correspondence she told me to feel free to submit my proposal to her. Whaaaaaat? Did I seriously just get a second chance to submit my proposal? Yes… Yes I did. Praise God!


This doesn’t mean a contract of course, but it’s a good sign when an agent wants the proposal. So guess what I’ll be working on? However I won’t have to break from posting here. I’ll be offering some snip-it’s from the book and I’m going to work on a ten day devotional for my awesome readers.


As for the conference itself? Well it was amazing! Even though it had to be virtual this year, it was a beautiful medley of spiritual women coming along side other women to walk with them a little on this writing and speaking journey. I felt so spiritually fed and nourished. I have a much more focused and clear vision for my calling. I know my message in this season of life. I also learned that my message will change according to that season of life I may be in.


I have a strong hearts desire to share this message of brokenness and redemption. Not just healing and moving past or learning to live with our hurts, but to see them in a whole new polished purposeful light. I can’t wait to see how God weaves these pieces together and create a ministry that He is leading.


Whether it’s on a page or a stage, I want to minister to other women who feel forever broken with no real purpose. Is that you? Do you feel like your hurts and brokenness is in vain? May I walk beside you in this journey if even only for a few miles?


I’ll be seeking to expand my speaking opportunities when that’s possible again. I feel so on fire for this and I am thankful to have all of you on this journey.


Please please let me know of your felt needs and how I can better serve you. That’s my desire… to serve my readers. After all… we should be served while sitting around the table, right? Blessings to you all! See you soon!

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