Oh my goodness… I miss you!

Hi table family! I was sitting here checking my Email and it just hit me… I miss you guys! It seems like forever since I’ve posted and I miss hearing from you. I have almost six chapters completed on the book and I’ve had to revisit some difficult and emotional times in my life in this process. I’ve replayed my abusive relationship, my dear sweet “kid sister’s” tragic accident, my first diagnosis of significant sight loss…


But I know in my heart that all things work together for good to those who love God (Romans 8:28). I just feel so strongly that God has put in place this particular conference in this way for so many women who have a calling to write and speak for the Lord. I feel this calling. I feel it is coming together for such a time as this (Ester 4:14). God has a time for every matter under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).


This week is prep week for the conference and my publisher meeting. I have dreams of hearing the words from a publisher of this caliber, “We love this idea… how soon can you have the book ready?”

However I also know that I have to rest in God’s plan and trust that He will use my writing in His way. I have pondered this thought before… is His way enough? I want to believe that the words God has impressed me with will reach far and wide. But if He see’s fit to reach a hand full of people and they are lead closer to Jesus in the process… will I be okay with that? This makes me really evaluate why i do what I do.


I may have several posts go up and not know who has been touched by any of them. But then I’ll hear from one of you that it was just what you needed to hear or you were so moved by the post or you will remember that Bible verse now. That… that is why I do what I do. I have found myself missing the simple week to week posts here and I’m looking forward to getting back on track.


So as I ponder yet again, is writing for an unknown amount of readers okay with me? Is God’s plan good enough for me? Yes. I’ve had to stop running in the proverbial circles and find my “groove” in writing. I love giving analogies that help someone see a particular verse more clearly. I love helping someone get just a bit more understanding about how much God loves them. My heart swells when someone says “wow, I never looked at it like that”, with a big smile that I can actually hear!


So I pray the words anyone reads on this blog has been beneficial or helpful or even just made someone want to dig into God’s word more. I pray God’s tool box has my writing in it and He has just the right job to use me on.


Side note: my husband Jeremy is a master carpenter so I tend to use a lot of tool type analogies. Wink


Your prayers would be so appreciated this week and I’ll keep ya posted on what happens, even if it’s the advise to keep working. I’ll talk to you all soon! Blessings my friends.

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