Does the Puzzle Piece Fit?

Father in Heaven, I pray these words You have laid on my heart reach people in the way that makes sense. Lead us Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hi all! I know this isn’t my regular posting time, but I was impressed with these words tonight. I hope it makes sense the way it does in my own mind. Here we go…


I was thinking about everything going on in our world right now. Pandemic, racial tensions, financial crisis, loss, and on and on…


We can wonder if the pieces can ever be put back together. It makes me think of a puzzle. I myself cannot do puzzles but i can see the draw to them. If I could see to sit and piece together a puzzle, I do believe I would be hooked. I could imagine the gratification of finding the two pieces that fit together and slipping them into place.


In the middle weeks of the Quarantine, my son decided to take on a puzzle. Now because I can feel the straight edges of the pieces I was able to help him separate those pieces from the others. Then he began separating the other pieces into colors. This made it a little easier to search for the right pieces throughout the process of putting it together.


He worked on it a little each night and after about a week, he was closing in on the full puzzle being put together. But then the most frustrating thing happened when piecing a puzzle together… there were missing pieces! About three I believe. He searched high and low for the pieces but came up empty handed. Feeling defeated and like he had wasted his time, he sat back staring at an incomplete puzzle. It was fractured. It was unsatisfying. Then I offered a suggestion…


“Why don’t you take markers and color in the blank spaces with similar tones to fill in the blanks?”


After thinking for a moment, he felt like that might work. At least it wouldn’t be so noticeable. So he agreed that was a good compromise.


As I ponder this puzzle piece problem, I think of how much this is like what we are facing today. Our puzzles are missing pieces and we feel incomplete. We feel unfinished and a little hollow. There are things missing that we may not find the pieces to fit in our puzzle. We may search high and low for the familiar pieces that have always fit before. The ones that were specifically made to settle into the exact right place. But we cannot find them.


Now, as we see that these pieces are missing and the new normal suggests that those few missing pieces may not be found, we need to color in those spaces with similar but new colors.


Taking something that we might not normally use to fill in the blanks can make the missing pieces not so noticeable. It may even work out so well that no one would even be aware that the empty spaces are filled in with new colors  unless you pointed them out.


Maybe things have changed for you permanently with this pandemic or racial tensions or losses… try seeking out some similar colors to fill in the empty places. Eventually it won’t feel so much like missing pieces and it will blend in and fill the gaps.


This might look like joining a church, starting a book club, forming a prayer group, creating an on line platform to inspire others. Whatever your colors may be, they can serve to fill in the empty spaces and bridge the open spots.


I pray this gives you food for thought and it inspires you to get out the markers and choose some colors. Blessings my dear readers… blessings.



3 thoughts on “Does the Puzzle Piece Fit?

  1. Wow Cindy!
    Another beautiful analogy

    You know how to draw parallels with the everyday observations

    You are right – it’s time to invest in the new


    1. Hi Ann! As always it’s great to hear from you! Yes, if we have any hope of moving forward in the ways we are living now, it may just be time to start searching for those new colors to fill in the blank spaces. It’s a great opportunity to explore the areas we haven’t been driven to search before. Blessings to you dear friend 🙂


  2. Adventist church. I am retired Social Worker, totally blind, and have recently lost my husband. Your blog really resonates with me. I am currently Music leader in my church, and also some prayer and bible study church gatherings on Zoom. I am looking for a Bible Study resource that is blind-friendly that I can use and share with my church Family. Keep in mind that I don’t have access to American publications easily, because I live in Canada. Wishing you God’s blessings. Wendy Springfordm Whitehorse Yukon Canada


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