My Table Cloth Reminds Me of My life

Father in Heaven, I pray these words are woven together in a pattern that best glorifies You. Let this message be felt by all those who read or listen to it. In Jesus name, Amen.


Welcome table family! Welcome to my table. I have a blueberry pie candle burning, some lovely piano music playing, and my cup of coffee. I hope you have your essentials and are ready for our chat.


One of the things I find most relaxing to do is sewing. Now mind you I don’t sew extraordinary master pieces that can be found only in high end boutiques. No, we’re talking simple things like pillows, fabric coasters, pot holders… easy stuff like that.


One thing I have recently started making that I really love to do is table cloths. When I stitch a pillow, it only takes me maybe a half hour to make a couple of them. I hand stitch these so if they were being stitched on a sewing machine it would probably only take minutes to complete them. However I haven’t learned how to use a sewing machine so I just hand stitch. It’s very soothing so I’m not sure I would use a machine if I could.


I have a little device that threads the needle and it’s been a game changer for me. Right now I’m making a table cloth for the summer months. Well… I know we are sneaking up on July already so it won’t be on as long as some of my other ones, but it’s been a bit crazy ’round here. But never-the-less, it will be on for a couple of months.


It’s reversible, like the one I made for spring, with a black and white gingham print and little bunches of cherries scattered on it! Oh My, when I saw this print, I just fell in love. Well, my daughter described it to me and I fell in love. The other side is just solid red to be used for Valentines or maybe even the Christmas holidays.


I have matched up the edges and began sewing the two very large pieces of material together. It’s such a large piece because my table is very large. It seats eight but it’s the counter top height and it is more like a square so it’s wide. I love this table but I rarely can find a store bought table cloth to fit it. So I began making my own.


As I sit in my chair by the fireplace, which happens to be in my dining room, I again turn on my music and lay out the material and begin stitching. I weave the needle through and then back through the opposite way. Pushing the needle away from me and then pulling it back towards me. The thread begins holding the edges of the material together and I continue along the edge. I actually have to stitch two panels of the same material side by side in order to have the cloth be wide enough for my table. So there is a double sewing job going on here. Right now I have the two pieces stitched for both the cherry side and the solid red side. I am working on getting the whole thing stitched together to form the whole table cloth.


I would have to say the most frustrating thing that happens is when the thread gets tangled and knotted. I have to stop sewing and work out the knot and then I can continue. Sometimes it takes longer then others. But it’s part of the process.


This makes me think of how life works sometimes too. All the events in our lives are being woven together to form one piece that is our story. Each event get’s stitched to the next and then the next and then the next…


Along the way we’ll encounter losses, break-ups, moving, changing jobs, changing churches, changing friends, etc. All these things are woven together and occasionally there will be some knots to work through. Some will take longer then others but once we work through them, it is back to stitching.


Psalm 139:13 “For You formed my inward parts, You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” (ESV)


God has woven us together with loving thread. He meticulously and thoughtfully stitched us together, making sure to use a holy needle. He knew there would be knots we would have to work through as our lives were lived and each experience would be stitched to another. But the result is a beautiful cloth that is You! God will help us work through the knots and He will re-thread the needle with His thread when we ask Him to.


Will you ask God to re-thread the needle? Will you ask Him to help you work out the knots? Friends He created you, He wants you to be able to work through the knots of your life. Ask Him to help you so you can get back to stitching.


Blessings to you my dear readers.







2 thoughts on “My Table Cloth Reminds Me of My life

    1. Praise God Tonya, I’m glad it spoke to you. I had a conversation with a friend this morning in which I felt this really come to life. It’s funny how God intervenes. He leads us down a trail and sometimes we look back to see where we’ve been and the lesson is revealed to us. Sometimes we don’t know where the trail is leading until we complete the journey. Blessings to you friend 🙂


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