My Table Will Only Be set for Three

Father in Heaven, I pray these words are filled with Your Spirit and touch hearts as needed. In Jesus name, Amen.


Well come on in and pull up a chair. Here’s a hot beverage for you. Muffins and fruit are on the table so let’s get to chatting huh?


I remember when I found out I was pregnant with my son. I was to afraid to look at the at home pregnancy test myself. First off, I knew I most likely wouldn’t be able to see that little line anyway. My vision has significantly worsened since then but I still probably wouldn’t have seen it clearly even back then.


My husband and I talked about it and decided we wanted to begin our family and so I also didn’t want to be disappointed at only seeing one line on that test. This was a little over twenty-one years ago. I sat at our dining room table and rung my hands while my stomach did flip-flops. Three minutes never seemed so long before. I lay my head down on the table as soon as the timer dinged.


My husband got up and went into the bathroom where the test lay on the counter. A few seconds later he silently emerged. Head still down on the table, I felt him kneel down beside me. Lifting my head and facing him, I prepared to hear that it was negative. He kissed me on the cheek and whispered “you’re pregnant”.


My heart leapt and my stomach did a knew kind of flip-flop. We both shed tears and set off to tell our families the news. Months later I would find out during the ultra sound that we were having the first grandson on both sides of our family. Once he out-grew his little bouncy chair and could sit in his high-chair, we pulled it up to the table and I began setting the table for three.


Here we are twenty years later and I am not waiting for the test results. I’m waiting for the moving vehicles. My son has reached the next phase of life and is getting his first apartment. I sat in his room last night folding and boxing up clothes. I remembered the day I waited for the test to reveal that I would be a mother. I picked out very different clothes back then. I chose his first little jumper with miniature tools down the legs. Now He loads up his car with his tools and heads to work.


My Mama heart bleeds for the fact that my son is leaving home but I am truly excited for him to begin a new chapter. My daughter is still here with me thankfully. But it occurs to me that I will now be setting the table for three once again.


Ecclesiastes 3:1 “For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under Heaven.” (ESV)


I am reminded of this verse when I am feeling like I just can’t let my son go. Every time I feel like maybe he’s not ready, every time I feel like I’m not ready, I remember that there is a time for everything to happen. The plans may be painful at times but God understands this and He will walk us through times like this.


Have you ever felt like something changed or happened in your life and you just needed someone to listen? You didn’t need them to change it or say the right things or do anything to help. You just needed them to hear you and be there for you. This is what your best friend Jesus does.


I will be heart broken for a time but I will adjust to this new normal. There has been so much of that lately. Let’s walk this journey of “new normal” together okay? Remember this verse, dear readers,  when it feels like you can’t handle something or life throws more changes at you. I’ll be praying for my sons new journey and I would appreciate your prayers for him as well.


Blessings to you my table family. My love to all.



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