Those Birds are Stealing All the Seed!

Father in Heaven, please go before every word written and every word read and let them be Your words to be written and read. In Jesus name, Amen.


Good morning and welcome to the table! Let me take this moment and apologize for getting to the table late this Wednesday. I wasn’t on task like I should have been and the days simply got away from me. It’s been very gloomy and rainy here the last few days. But today the sun is shining brightly and the birds are singing! So let’s grab our coffee or tea and linger over a muffin or two…


This past Sunday my husband decided to go ahead and get the grass cut in between rain bursts. He worked quickly and was able to get it all done complete with weed-wacking and edging. He even had time to put down some much needed grass seed in the areas that were looking pretty bare.


Walking around the yard, he observed the spaces in desperate need of seed in order to flourish and grow once again. Noticing the spots that seemed to be dying and turning brown, he sprinkled a generous amount of seed knowing the rain was coming to water it.


The seed he had left was returned to the bag and kept for other places later on. My husband put all the tools he used back in the shed and came inside.

“Just in time” he commented.

The rain began again in a gentle shower which the seed needed and he glanced out the window to watch the rain for a moment.


The next evening, he and I were sitting on the couch watching a little television and he looked out the living room window once again.

“Look at those birds” he said, “they are eating all the grass seed I put down.”


My mind immediately went to the scripture found in the gospels…


Matthew 13:4 says “and as he sowed, some seed fell beside the road between the fields and the birds came and ate it.”


My husband planted seed for it to grow and become lovely green grass. God plants seeds of hope and encouragement in our hearts to grow our spiritual life.


Just as the birds came and took my husbands grass seed, the enemy comes to take the seed God plants as well. These birds come in the form of discouragement, depression, trials, harsh words, losses, infidelity, lies, and the list goes on.


We need to protect the seed that God plants by staying in His word and continuing to let more and more seeds be planted. God finds all different ways to water them; a kind word from a friend, a song, a much needed phone call… He’s not limited by the ways He waters those seeds. Keep planting those seeds by reading God’s word and then plant seeds in someones yard by sharing that word.


Think about how much life is in a single seed! It’s still the most amazing thing to me, in all of God’s creation! One single seed grows into such life giving and life sustaining matter.


Have you planted seeds today? Get your seeds in God’s word and plant them in your heart. Then spread some seeds in your neighbors yard! Blessings friends and I’ll be praying for the right water for your seeds.



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