Marked with Orange Iodine

Father in Heaven, may this message be Yours and may these words be healing to anyone who needs the healing. In Jesus name, Amen.    Welcome Welcome, pull up a seat and grab your bagel or toast or fruit… maybe all three… and your beverage and let’s chat.



I’d like to be able to tell you that due to my vision loss as a kid, that I was cautious when hanging out with friends or going on adventures. Yeah, I’d LIKE to be able to say that but then I’d be dishonest.


Back when I was a “tween”ager, it was incredibly cool to own your very own roller skates. So since my friends and I WERE incredibly cool and went to the roller rink nearly every weekend, it made financial since to have my own skates.


I don’t actually remember how I came to be the proud owner of gleaming white roller skates with bubble gum pink wheels and toe stop. Oh yeah, we’re talk in’ waaaaaay cool here! These were only to be worn with knee high socks you understand, so I had various knee-highs to wear with these beauties.


After many outings at the roller rink showing off my mad skater skills in totally tubular skates, I decided it was time to take it to the next level. Oh you guessed it… skating on concrete around my neighborhood for all the neighbors to see! This of course meant all the neighborhood boys would see as well. Wink Wink. So I threw on my bright nautical blue terry cloth shorts with a wide white stripe down each side and a crisp T-shirt so as to give the illusion of some sort of skating talent show complete with costumes. I even went so far as to put my skates on BEFORE going outside. So I had to get out the door and down the couple steps of my front porch to skate down my driveway and out into the street.


Now I lived in a low-key neighborhood, not a lot of traffic at all, so it wasn’t dangerous to skate in the street. Up and down the street I went, back and forth. Then I decided it was time to go all the way around the block. Off I went…


Now one of the cool neighborhood boys had just gotten a brand new shiny, dark purple and black… wait for it… Mo-ped! Wheeeeeewwwwww! Major cool!


Ever collected, level headed me thought that this modern day Fonzy would surely see me as super foxy if I did some crazy stunt on my skates. So naturally I asked him to tow me around the block while I held on to the back of his Mo-ped. Cool right?


I indeed held on the entire way around the block. But I wanted to up my game by shouting to him to keep on going past my driveway and I’ll just let go. He nodded. Picking up the speed (as much as a Mo-ped can pick up speed), he sailed past my driveway and I… let go! My skates hit the end of my driveway and down I went. My feet never lost momentum though. They seemed to propel up the driveway, dragging my unwilling body along with them. Not wanting to be embarrassed anymore then I already was, I quickly stood up and said “I’m fine, thanks for the ride!”. Waving as I turned away so he wouldn’t see my eyes filling with tears, I wasted no time scurrying into the house. I looked down at my injured hip and leg to assess the damage before crying to my mother, I discovered my shorts were shredded and I had road rash from my thigh to my hip. Pebbles and dirt were embedded in my flesh and I was bleeding.


Calling for my mom, she came around the corner of the kitchen where I was and asked why I was crying. Turning to the side, I showed her the results of me being so cool. Quickly bringing me to the bathroom to get a better look, she determined that she could clean and bandage it without a hospital visit. Oh it was painful to have it cleaned! The gentle rubbing my mother did to wash away the debris still made me Shriek and cry with every swipe. Then came the medicine to keep infection away. The dreaded       I O D I N E! You know, the stuff that turned your skin orange and let everyone in on the fact that you got hurt? A large patch of orange peaked out from under my shorts for quite sometime after that mishap. I had to tell anyone who hadn’t been looking on that day, about my failed attempt at being cool. Worst of all, I had to face the boy who I had been trying to be cool for. He wasn’t impressed by the way and we didn’t begin a summer romance only to get married later. No, my 1980’s Judy Bloom reading self did not catch the eye of my crush but I did have a story to tell for a while.


I think the lesson I took away from that incident (all be it years later) is that this failed skating stunt didn’t disqualify me from ever skating again. When my injury healed, I laced up my skates and headed back to the rink.


2 Chronicles 15:7″But as for you, be strong and do not lose courage there is reward for your work.” (AMP)


I didn’t become a world famous skater after this little set back, but I did enjoy many more weekends at the roller rink with my friends and made more memories. But even more importantly, I saw that incident as a pivotal moment. I could have let my failure define me and what I should or shouldn’t do, or I could look at it as an opportunity to see where I went wrong and be sure to not repeat it. I knew what wouldn’t be wise and I apply that thinking in my life now.


Even in my work for the Lord, I analyze where God has gifted me and where He hasn’t. I don’t feel like a failure when I don’t “get it right”. I try something new and if it’s not where God has gifted me, I leave those things to those He has gifted that talent. It doesn’t mean I can’t do ANYTHING for God, I just need to clean the affected area and put on the ointment that reminds me that this wasn’t my talent.


Past mistakes or farriers do not disqualify us from being used for God’s kingdom. What they should do is help us to understand God has given each of us talents and gifts and if we need to try some talents out to see if they fit, then that’s okay. As long as we don’t let it stop us from working for God if one or more of the talents we try don’t work out. Put on the ointment and let it be a reminder that God has gifted you in the ways that will best glorify Him and injuries from the past will heal and not discount you from God using you in the future. Just let your wound heal and then put the skates back on.






2 thoughts on “Marked with Orange Iodine

  1. Thank you for this Cindy
    Beautifully written!
    What a wonderful reminder to give ourselves time to heal and then try again with the wisdom gained from our failures
    Stay safe


    1. Hi Sweet Annie, yes. If we will allow our failures to teach us new things about ourselves, we can be that much more effective for God’s kingdom. Blessings my friend and you stay safe as well 🙂


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