How old is that Ketchup?

Father in Heaven, please let these words be Yours and not mine. Flavor them Lord with Your seasoning. In Jesus name, Amen.


Oh boy, this stay at home thing is really causing me to get creative with my You Tube channel and with writing for that matter. Often times I get inspiration from experiences I have while out. So it has forced me to search deeper for my inspiration.


Having said that… this post has been inspired from an incident that happened while my family was in Florida. So here we go…


There had been a new group of “snow birds” that had landed at this particular set of condo’s that my parents stay at each year. One such snow bird had a lovely idea to host a community brunch on what was likely the last day they would all be there together.


They had been having weekly pot-lucks for a couple of months so she figured this would be a great way to say good-bye to everyone. What an awesome idea right? Her and her husband, along with a few other helpers were to prepare omelets, potatoes, fruit salads, toast, juice, etc…


It so happened that my husband, son, and father were all going golfing that day and couldn’t be there quite when the brunch would start. They had to leave earlier so they were going to miss out on all the yummy food and fellowship.


“Not to worry”, the gentleman who was cooking the omelets told the guys. He said he would be happy to prepare some omelets or scrambled eggs a little early so they could still eat. They accepted His gracious offer and headed down stairs on the morning of the brunch.


Now my Dad likes to put Ketchup on his scrambled eggs… okay now that you may have eeeewwwwwwwed your way through that statement, or maybe you do that too, either way, he used the Ketchup that was in the refrigerator.


Keep in mind this was a conference room type of thing with a single kitchen that had various condiments and such inside. Someone pulled out the bottle and brought it to my Dad with a smile, “here ya go Dave”, they said handing it to him.


Squirting some on top of his eggs, he happily chowed down. After three quarters of the eggs were consumed, my son just happened to grab the bottle of Ketchup and began reading the labels. With eyes wide and mouth gaping, he informed my Dad that the Ketchup expired in 2015! Five… Years… Ago! Insert eeeeewwwwwwwwwww here!


This got me to thinking… how often do we take something at face value in our spiritual lives? we hear a message from our Pastor or Worship leader and walk away thinking it was a great message and it probably was. But do we go to God’s word and fill our hearts there?


Maybe we read a great post on social media that uplifts God and we think “man, what an awesome word”. It too was probably very inspirational and worth sharing.


Possibly you read a fantastic blog post while sitting at a virtual table 😉 and you feel blessed. while I hope this is the case, I really want to direct you back to God’s word. After all, my words might be expired.


1 Thessalonians 5:21 ” But, test everything, hold fast what is good.” (ESV)

The enemy is very crafty at making us think that something is fine to “consume” when it may be harmful.


Harmful to us physically, emotionally, spiritually, or any other way. God desires us to be safe in His care, but the enemy comes to seek and destroy. Cling to God’s word and His love for you and you have a much better chance of not using “expired Ketchup”. Anyone who is truly wanting to glorify God will want you to test all things, even what they say, against God’s word so it lines up.


So when you face something questionable, like a communal condiment, ask yourself… “how old is that Ketchup?” This can save us from consuming something that could have not so good repercussions. It might even be time to get a new bottle of Ketchup! No matter how good something seems, always check the expiration date. Check it with the word of God! Even in our everyday lives, things can seem good but we need to check them with the word of God.


2 thoughts on “How old is that Ketchup?

  1. As always this is an awesome analogy Cindy

    I sometimes do have a hard time discerning what I am hearing and distinguishing truth

    Hope you and your family are safe and well during these times



    1. Hello Sweet Annie! I hope you don’t mind me calling you that? My family and I are well, thank you for asking. Hope you and yours are good as well. Yes, discernment can be difficult to navigate sometimes. Prayer and study of God’s word are good tools to help in this area. It’s so good to hear from you my friend! Blessings to you 🙂


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