Self-care is selfish… right?

Good Wednesday morning everyone! I have the table all set for you. Hot beverages and muffins await! Oh how I wish we could actually gather at the table for real coffee/tea and muffins. How heart-warming that would be.


I’ve been giving a lot of thought to “self-care” lately. By lately I mean the last year or so. See I had it in my mind that self-care equaled self-ish.


Now don’t misunderstand… when other people practiced good self-care, I always looked at them as those “got-it-together” kind of people. But for ME to practice self-care… well… that was just me being narcissistic and self absorbed.


Hey… I didn’t say I made sense.


But I’ve developed a new nightly routine that I’d like to share with you. It may not be the grandest of self-care efforts but it’s a start. i’ll share this verse with you first that helped me to get on board with my own self-care.


Ephesians 5:29  “No one hates his own body but feeds and cares for it just like as Christ cares for the church.” (NLT)


Now setting aside body image struggles that are very real for a lot of us, we are taking a look at the self-care aspect of this verse. Christ caring for the church is important. He died for it! Not the physical building mind you, this is the “body” of Christ. If Jesus cares for His “body”, shouldn’t we care for our physical bodies?


Here in list form is my new nightly routine:


  1. I wash my face and hands directly before bed.

2. I put straight raw coconut oil on my face and lips (this is the solid form that can be found at any grocery store)


3. I brush out my hair until smooth.


4. I get on my PJ’s.


5. I climb into bed and get my hand lotion I keep on my bed-side table and smooth it on my hands and wrists.


6. I turn on “Babbling Brook” or “Fountain” sounds on my Alexa.


7. I spray my pillow with rose scented sleep spray and turn on my essential oil defuser that usually has lavender with one or two other oils blended together.


8. I pull up one verse on my Bible app to focus on before going to sleep.


9. I will most times, post that verse as encouragement for others for the night.


10. I prepare my pillows for there to be room for both my head and my cat to sleep on.


I have been faithful to this routine for fifteen nights now and I love it! It’s just a small addition to my evening that I look forward to and only takes maybe twenty minutes. Do you have a night time routine or awesome self-care regimen?


Oh and by the way… men can and should have some sort of self-care routine as well. It may not include facials or aroma therapy, But he should have something.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on self-care from the Biblical perspective. If you have such a routine, share it here. Blessings to you all and try just one night time self-care thing and see how you feel.


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