Will this pandemic change the world? Will it change me?

Hello table family! I still have the pink floral table cloth on and I’ve mentally baked some muffins. The coffee is ready and the water is hot for tea if you prefer. Pull up a chair and let’s talk…


I think we can all agree that what is happening in our world today has not been seen before. At least by anyone who is alive now. There have already been changes to our everyday routines and schedules. We are not supposed to group together nor can we grab the girls for our long awaited evening out at our favorite restaurant.


My plans for my you tube channel have had to shift a little due to the fact that I can’t run out and get more crafting supplies. It has challenged me to be more creative then I bargained for.


We are having to find things to occupy us individually and as a family. Sure we may have to break up more sibling rivalries then we’d like to and we may have to be doing more kids crafts and coloring then we are used to, but hey… all in a days quarantine, right?


But let’s take a look at some ways that our shift in the daily routine is making good changes. Since we all have at least a little more time then we normally do, this gives us the opportunity to catch up with friendships that maybe we haven’t had a lot of time for. It’s a great time to get to know your kids better as the years fly by and leave us wondering where they all went. This is a prime time to rediscover the newlywed stage of your marriage. Pull out those old photos and take that stroll down memory lane. Nobody will pull you over and question why you are on that road. Maybe even re-live that special day and renew your vows to each other in a private ceremony with just the people in your household in attendance, or maybe it’s just the two of you 😉


Have that indoor picnic with the family. Spread out a blanket on the living room floor and bring dinner out there. Use paper plates or break out the fine china, it’s up to you!


The point is that the world may never be the same after this is over because of new protocols, closed businesses, early school years, or any “abnormal” things put in place to try and prevent something like this from having this kind of affect on our country again. But we can take hold of the positive changes and not let go of them when this is all over.


Keep some of the new ways you do things as a family and implement them into a new routine. Maybe you could have picnic indoors once a week or once a month. Perhaps You will have that private vow renewal ceremony each year on a particular date. It would be fantastic to make it a weekly appointment to check in with that elderly neighbor who would look forward to your visits.


This mandatory slow down could help us reevaluate our priorities in life and begin to find joy in the more simple things. We are on a mission to be successful and get ahead in life and ambition is not a sin! But sometimes Jesus is asking us to step back and slow down to find greater value.


Mark 6:31 says “and He said to them ‘come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while’ for many were coming and going they had no leisure even to eat.” (ESV)


Have you ever had days like that? Days where you didn’t have time to eat? I think we all have at some time or another. Jesus is offering us this time to come away and rest. Rest by spending time together. Eating meals together again. Talking with one another again. Will you take this time and be changed?


The world may be changed but my prayer is that I W I L L  be changed. How about you? Will you find ways to be changed and be able to look back at this time as something you gleaned from? Let’s be changed together.

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