A Message for Monday

Hi and good Monday morning to all of you. Many of you may be home with your kids today or simply off work due to the Corona Virus and you may want to catch up on some reading. May i offer this little message to add to the reading stack?


Psalm 75:3  “When all the earth totters and it’s inhabitants, it is I who keeps steady it’s pillars.”


Friends, cling to the understanding that it is God who will see us through all the fear and chaos. None of what is happening in our world escapes His notice. God is on His throne and if we will just hold fast to His promises, we would not have to fear. I know it’s a scary time and it is also unfamiliar to us to have such a wide spread issue going on. But we just need to hold God’s hand through all of this. Use wisdom and be safe and while you are washing your hands, bathe yourself in God’s protection and shelter. I heard it said to pray for everyone being affected by this virus during the recommended twenty seconds of hand washing. I love that idea.


Be safe and healthy my dear table family. See you on Wednesday 🙂

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