A Message for Monday

Good Monday morning to you all! I’d like to first apologize for not sending out the recipe for Foodie Friday… I am on vaca with my family and it completely slipped my mind! But I wanted to be sure and send out the Monday message because I always want to remember to offer some spiritual food. So here we go…


John 10:27  “My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me.” (ESV)


Notice that Jesus says “I know them”. We follow Jesus and He knows us. A sheep will always follow his or her own shepherd. It knows the shepherds voice over all the other shepherds calling for other sheep. Other shepherds may be calling you… work, problems, family struggles, social media, past mistakes… all these are shepherds of sorts, and are calling us to follow them. Only one Shepherd offers rest and protection from evil. Only one Shepherd loves and cherishes us. Follow that Shepherd called Jesus and always listen for His voice. He knows you and is calling to you!

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