Are You Diggin’ It?

Father in Heaven, please interpret these words and make them speak what You want to be heard. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hello table mates! I am so very excited for spring to get here… aren’t you? I’m so looking forward to opening up my sun porch and the windows. I can’t wait to see the bright flowers blooming in my back yard flower gardens. It’s something I can still see so it brings me joy.


This year I plan to put in a vegetable garden. I’ve been wanting to for the last couple of years but with both my kids graduating two years apart from each other, I had open houses to be concentrating on. Now that those years are behind me (sniff sniff) I will put effort into planting vegetables.


I will have to cultivate the area I want to plant in as it has been unattended to for many years. Nutrients needs to be put in and the ground needs to be worked up. I will turn the soil and prepare the space to receive the seedlings. Some plants will need to be planted deeper than others.


I also have some house plants that I need to re-pot. When you re-pot a plant into a bigger pot, it gives it more room to grow and the roots can go deeper, thus becoming stronger. The deeper you plant it, the stronger the root system becomes.


Trees need to be planted even deeper with a bigger hole being dug. The root system of a tree goes far into the ground, twisting a twining around rocks, thorns, and  other roots. It is extremely difficult to uproot a tree. A tree needs a very deep and wide hole to flourish and grow strong.


Think about how strong our faith would be if we dug deep into God’s word. Our spiritual root system would be able to withstand strong storms and high winds. It would be difficult to uproot our faithfulness if our roots were planted deep in God’s word. Digging deep and having a large area to grow in only ensures more growth. Unearthing all the blessings and joy that is in scripture, allows for much fruit to be cultivated and harvested.


Reading the word of God is always good, no matter how much of it we read. But grabbing that spiritual shovel and really digging deep is where the most growth can happen. Seeds are planted, roots are forming, and fruit will abound.


1 Peter 2:2  ” Like new born infants long for the pure spiritual milk that by it, you may grow up into salvation.” (ESV)


We need the things that will help us grow into spiritual maturity. These things are all found in God’s word. The more we dig, the more we are fed, the more we grow. So grab that shovel and start diggin! Have a blessed Wednesday!




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