The CrunchHeard Around Heaven

We all know the story of when Eve was given the forbidden fruit. “When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for eating and pleasing to the eye, and also, desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it……” Genesis 3;6. In my mind’s eye, I imagine this scene unfolding. There sits the haughty serpent in the branches of the tree that God said not to eat from. I can see him relaxing back against a leafy limb. He props his feet up on a branch, putting an arm behind his head. Then with the other hand he plucks a piece of fruit from it’s place on the tree. Examining it and turning it over, he takes a bight and smiles. He then looks down at the woman he already knew was there. His smile broadens. He then speaks in a loud voice “MMM, MMM this fruit is so delicious!” he declares. The woman hears the words and looks up in the tree where she sees the serpent enjoying the fruit and the environment in which he is eating it. He notices her watching him and says “Would you like a taste?” he offers with a shining smile and a smooth voice. Eve knows what God instructed about this tree. However, she adds one little detail that God didn’t say. She tells the serpent that God said to not even touch the tree. God only tells them not to eat of it. Perhaps she is nervous because she is talking to a serpent who she has never encountered before. Never-the-less, the serpent assures her that no harm will befall her. He twists her desire to be like God and informs her that she WILL be like God if she eats the fruit. So, because the serpent was so convincing and what he told her about the fruit made perfect since to someone desiring to be just like God, he passed her a piece of the forbidden fruit and she took it into her hand. Looking it over, she decides it is just as the serpent said, it was beautiful and was going to make her like God. Almost in a slow-motion movement, she brings the fruit to her mouth, she slowly parts her lips, and puts the fruit between her teeth… CRUNCH! The noise thunders and echoes around heaven like a cannon shot. All the angels, God and Jesus, hang their heads, put their arms around one another and weep.

This scene fills my mind when I do something that I know God wouldn’t want me to do. Whether it’s speaking harshly to my family or venting my anger to a friend about someone else or simply being dissatisfied with what God has asked me to do. My “crunch” is heard in heaven. Even when it doesn’t make since to us, following Gods direction will bring cheers of joy in heaven that is a much better noise to be heard. I want to have shouts of delight that can be heard around heaven. I don’t want to have my “crunch” bring sorrowful tears to my Father in heaven. May our prayer always be that God gives us the strength to obey Him even when the enemy tries to twist something good into a disobedient act. God desires us to love Him and trust Him. Let’s choose to do that today.

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