What’s Love Gotto Do With It?

Father in Heaven, my prayer is that we all feel Your love in and around these words. In Jesus name, Amen.


Well hello all! I love sitting around the table with all of you. We are in the week of Valentines day. Do you celebrate Valentines day? I have to be honest and tell you all that my husband of twenty-one years and I don’t really do much on Valentines day.


It’s not that we don’t love each other or don’t think it’s important to have a special day for showing a little extra love for one another. I never really gave much thought to why we don’t get all into the Valentines thing. I suppose it’s because we try not to make a big fuss about any holiday for each other.


But that being said, I would like to introduce you to what might be something new. Have you all heard of the four loves? These are the four different forms of love used in the Greek language and subsequently used in the bible. I’ll give you a quick run down of three of them and then talk a little more about the fourth…


Eros love= the form of love shared between a couple. The root word from which we derive the word erotic. A romantic love that is meant to be shared between a married committed couple under God’s holy ordinance.


Fileo love= the type of love families feel towards one another. Child to parent. Sibling to sibling.


Storge love= The type of love parents feel towards their children. Protective and sheltering.


Now that we’ve had a rough crash course in those three, I’d like to share with you the (in my opinion) most valuable and precious love of them all. This is called Agape love. This is a brotherly pure love. This is the love that God has for each of us. This love cannot be earned, destroyed, broken, payed for, borrowed, given away… you get the idea.


This love says there is nothing we can do to make God not “Agape” us. It’s pure in it’s intent without any ulterior motives. It’s not selfish or self seeking. It cannot be tainted by how we love in return. It’s unexplainable and sacrificial. It’s giving and continually pouring into us. It’s infallible and unchanging.


In short, Agape love is… God!


If you will be spending Valentines day alone, consider spending it with God. If you will be spending Valentines day with a special someone, consider spending it together with God.


No love we can put an explanation to can compare with God’s Agape love for us. He loved so deeply that He was willing to give us His Son as a Valentines day gift of redemption. No love is greater than that!


So even if you are feeling especially lonesome this Friday, light a few candles, make a special dinner or dessert, get a bottle of sparkling juice, and prepare to spend Valentines day with the one who loves you most! Open God’s word and let His love wash over you. Not sure where to start? Start in John 3:16. Happy Valentines day all! Please know my heart is full with all your support and faithfulness in reading what God places on my heart to write. Blessings my table family!

2 thoughts on “What’s Love Gotto Do With It?

  1. Thank you for yet another inspiring message Cindy
    I have not made a big deal out of valentines either
    But love your invitation to spend it with God who does love us with a pure and unconditional love- thank you for the reminder.
    I pray that I lean in on Gods love with this busy work week. I ask Fir the grace to give God my stress instead of turning to food for comfort

    God bless you Cindy for your faithfulness to spreading his message


    1. Hi sweet Annie! It’s so good to hear from you! Yes, stress will lead us in directions we would rather not go. For some it’s food, for some it’s alcohol,, for some it’s social media or television… what ever it looks like, it’s usually not a good place because stress is a favorite tool of the enemy. Leaning into God’s grace sounds like a great plan and I hope that you are able to bask in His love and presents. Blessings friend 🙂


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