Let’s Not Waste Any More Time!

Father in Heaven, may these words convict our hearts to consider the time You have given us and treat it like the gift that it is. Help us to make the most of our gifted time. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hello my table mates. I hope you all are doing well. This week has been a little tough for me and my family. We had to say good-bye to two family friends just a few days apart from each other.


I have a dear friend who is linking arms with me in ministry, who also had to part with, not only a dear friend but her father as well. This too happened just a few days apart from each other in the same bracket of time as our family. We leaned on each other for some emotional support and had to rearrange some ministry projects we had planned for that week.


I can’t speak into her heartache but I know she suffered it. The funerals we attended certainly carried tears and heartache. At one of the funerals, I had the opportunity to share some memories about the man we were there to celebrate. There were many tears shed but also much laughter to be heard. Those around me were saying words i could certainly agree with…


“How can this be happening?”


“We’re not supposed to be at a funeral for him!”


“He was far to young to say good-bye too, he was only fifty-eight years old!”


These words had also been echoing in my mind as we all sat listening to his life sketch and watching the parade of pictures dance there way across the screen. His wife loved all the shared memories, his daughters will cherish them forever, and his loved ones are left to make a choice. Abandon the idea of letting God comfort them through this tragedy, or commit their lives wholly to the Lord, understanding that we are not promised tomorrow.


Tragedies will come and heartache will have to be endured. But Jesus has told us that He will never leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5)


We can trust this promise even in the most painful of circumstances. I was doing some thinking about the last year or so and I have had to attend the funerals of six dear friends and I feel even more determined to not waste the time God has given me on worrying about how others see me. Not be concerned about how someone else thinks I should pursue the ministries I lead. But to only be concerned with how God leads me and how He would have me to uphold the ministries He’s given me to care for.


My heart is heavy with the losses over the last week, but it is also full of freedom to listen to only God’s instructions. Of course I will listen to what peoples needs are concerning the ministries I lead, but always responding with how God wants me too.


I am doing pretty well on my “unword” of “carry” so far this year. These funerals have allowed me even more growth in this area. Sometimes God uses the tragic to give someone else triumph. I just want to serve the Lord in these ministries He laid on my heart to serve in. Writing, crafting, bible studies, speaking on behalf of the disability community.


What is it you feel He is calling you too? A ministry… making a phone call… reconciling that relationship… going back to school… adopting a child…


It could be anything you feel God is calling you too, but friends… don’t put it off for a “better time” that may never come. If He’s calling you now… answer now. Is He calling you to commit your life to Him? Give your heart to Him? Follow Him? Don’t wait on your response. The time is now. Heed His calling and listen to His voice. Let’s not waste any more time!


If you need prayer in any of these areas or any other areas not mentioned, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m ready and willing to pray for you! Blessings dear readers and I’ll see ya on Friday.

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