Out On A Limb.

Father in Heaven, I pray this view point is pleasing in Your sight and be acceptable to Your people. Bless these words Father and take them where they need to go. In Jesus name, Amen.


The table is set for each of you so let’s chat. Hope you all are well and having a good week so far.


I did some reading in the gospel of Luke and parked myself on the story of Zacchaeus It’s found in Luke 9:1 – 10.


We read about this man named Zacchaeus who is… well… short. He is “small in stature”. He has heard of this man, Jesus but has not met Him or even seen Him. So when he, Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector (AKA, chief sinner) wants to find out who Jesus is, he tries to seek Him out. But alas, when He comes to town, the crowds are simply to much for Zacchaeus to see over. Remember, he is short. I can imagine him standing on tip-toe, jumping up to see over the heads of those crowding around Jesus, maybe even crouching down to  try and see through the legs of the crowd.


After many attempts to see Jesus, Zacchaeus gets the idea to run on ahead of where Jesus is and climb up in a tree to get a better vantage point. Scurrying up the Sycamore and scotching out on a limb, he looks down at the crowd now and scans it for Jesus. The Savior approaches and stops just under the tree and looks up. This man, this chief sinner who has never met Jesus makes eye contact with Him and Jesus calls him by name. But He doesn’t stop there… He tells Zacchaeus to come down from the tree because He has plans to dine with him at his own house.


I can just see the stunned expression on Zacchaeus’s face. Mouth hanging open and eyes wide open, he scurries back down the tree and ushers Jesus to his house. They exchange words and Zacchaeus vows to repay anyone he has wronged financially and follow Jesus from then on. This story lends itself to my canvas like imagination.


Allow me please to take just a smidgen of liberty with this story. Suppose you were Zacchaeus. You are short and disliked by all who knew you. You felt the pressure of this dislike and the inferiority of your stature. Maybe this is even why you have chosen the career path of being a tax collector. A”feared” tax collector. This… this career move will surely bring you respect. But yet… yet there is something missing. You begin to feel an ache in your heart. A void that seems to have no end. You have heard of someone that could offer you something that would fill that void. A peace that surpasses all understanding and you want to find that someone.


You have also heard that this is a righteous man and you honestly have no business rubbing elbows with anyone righteous… or so you’ve been told after inquiring about this person. You feel incredibly small in spiritual stature. This person you’ve heard of is headed this way but the crowd is surrounding Him and shouldering you out of the way. Spiritually pushing you out of the crowd and making it impossible for you to “see” Jesus. Have you had this happen? Feeling as though the crowd… those who are spiritually “taller” then you feel, making you feel as though Jesus can’t or won’t see you because you are a chief sinner? Jesus won’t see you or can’t see you because you need to grow in spiritual stature?


Friend I’m so sorry that someone made you feel that way! That’s not Godly. But don’t miss what came next. Zacchaeus happened to locate Jesus right near a tree that God created and he was able to use it to see Jesus over the crowd. God will “plant” something or someone for us to lean on to rise above the crowds and help us see Jesus. Don’t let what others tell you, crowd out Jesus from your life. You don’t have to be a spiritual Paul Bunion for Jesus to see you. He already sees you and knows your name. No crowd is to big for Him to lose you in it. He can pick you out and call you by name.


Use the proverbial trees God provides and rise above the crowds to see Jesus. He will come to your house and dine with you too.


If you have already climbed your Sycamore and gotten above the crowds and found Jesus, consider being a tree for someone else. Help them rise above the crowd and see Jesus. Take them out on a limb to see Him.

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