I just had to share this with yoou…

Hi all! I had something I wanted to share with you and I just couldn’t wait until next week


Twenty-eight years ago, I was in a place of abuse and fear. I left that place but not without scars. Figurative and literal scars. I still have memories of that place and time but not nightmares, thankfully. The literal scar I bare is a significant hearing loss in my left ear.


My abuser took hearing from me and coupled with my blindness, I had to readjust my life… again. Many of you remember that I recently had surgery to hopefully regain SOME hearing that I had been robbed of. I had my final appointment today to check the success of the surgery.


Waking earlier then I needed too, I readied myself for an hour and a half drive to my appointment. My husband and I arrived and were promptly taken to the “sound booth” where the Audiologist would check my hearing. “Hi, I’m Linsey and I’ll be performing your hearing test this morning.” she said cheerfully. Palms sweaty, I sat patiently while she placed the necessary equipment on me for testing. Plug like ear phones were placed snugly in both my ears and the audiologist stepped out of the booth and into her sound room. Speaking to me through the ear phones, she had me repeat a series of words and had me inform her when I could hear different beeps at various frequencies.


She then switched to testing only my post surgery ear and continued the beep test along with various levels of background noise. I listened… responded appropriately… and waited.


Linsey returned to my booth and said “there has been significant improvement and the doctor will go over all of it with you.”


No real indication of what “significant” meant. My hearing had been so bad that anything would have seemed significant. I sort of held my breath until meeting with the doctor. Returning to the waiting room, it was only minutes before we were called back again.


Sliding into the exam chair, I wiped my palms on my jeans once again. The doctor entered and we shook hands. “how do you think your hearing is doing?” she asked. Letting out a short breath, “I think it’s better, but… I don’t know.” I clumsily replied.


“OK, well let’s have a look at the ear.” she instructed while turning my chair and retrieving her scope. She informed me that everything looked great and had healed up perfectly. While I was grateful for that, I wanted to know the level of hearing I had gotten back.


She pulled out the chart of my test and, because I couldn’t see it to read it, she showed it to my husband while explaining it to both of us. She gave a short lesson in what all the numbers meant and what to look for. After learning this information, she said the words I’ll never forget!


“your hearing is perfect.”


I blinked, a little dumbfounded. I had been told that I would get back about eighty percent of my hearing and now she is telling me that it’s perfect? I’ve regained what had been taken from me!


Now there are some very high pitched frequencies that are still at the same level that I heard them in the pre-surgery time. But these are not frequencies we need for everyday life. Voices and regular sounds are not at these frequencies.


Friends I want you to be encouraged by what God has done here. I’m not someone who throws the word “miracle” around loosely. However, I feel that this has been a miracle! A skilled surgeon told me how much hearing to expect to regain. But the “Great Physician” decided the final outcome!


I know this isn’t a life saving surgery or cancer free diagnosis, but it is life changing for me. I feel as if I have gained just a little more independents. God has given me more then was expected. If you are facing something right now that you are hoping for a particular answer, you just might get more then you expected. Hope in God and wait to see what He does!


Thank you all for the prayers you have offered up for this surgery and it’s outcome. They worked! Blessings to you all and see ya tomorrow!




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