My date was a no show.

Father in Heaven, may these words have the impact You desire them to have. May they bring a gentle conviction for each of us. In Jesus name, Amen.


Welcome to the table dear friends. Pull up a chair and get comfy with a hot beverage. I’d like to paint a picture  with words if I may…


Imagine if you will, that you have planned a date of sorts. This could be a special date with your spouse or a very dear friend. You have been looking forward to this date for quite some time.


You have decided to make it an in-home get together for two. You’ve planned the meal from the main course of oven roasted chicken, seasoned baby red skin potatoes, maple glazed carrots, and home made rolls.


You’ve gotten out your best china and serving pieces, crystle glasses and sparkling grape juice. You’ve set the table using your finest linen table cloth and matching cloth napkins. Candles are lit and you have dressed for the occasion. Everything is ready and the food has cooked perfectly and has been placed on the table in beautiful bowls and platters. All that remains is the arrival of your special guest. table food

The clock chimes the hour that your date is supposed to arrive. A smile forms on your face in anticipation. You watch out the window for signs of your special guest. The minutes are ticking by… not here yet. You check the food once more and pour the juice into the crystle goblets. You return to the window certain you will see headlights any moment. 


Lights come into view and you smile again. Then suddenly they pass by without stopping. Your smile fades. You check the clock. It’s now twenty minutes past your date time. You check the food… the juice… the window. Nothing. Forty-five minutes late now and you are so disappointed. Your phone chimes with a text message… it’s your special guest that you have prepared for and have been waiting for.


“Sorry, can’t make it, I’m to busy”


“What?” you say aloud. You have done so much to get ready for your time with that special person. Don’t they understand how much you wanted to spend time with them? Don’t they care how much you love them? Don’t they get how much preparation went into this time and how long you have wanted to share this time with them ?


Oh dear friends… Jesus has done so much preparation for us to spend time with Him. He sets the table everyday for us to come and spend special time with Him.


So often the demands of life take our minds to stress island and then threatens to leave us there. We are a multitasking society where taking time to rest and be with the one who loves you so desperately, is seen as unproductive.

Jesus has everything we need to be our most productive without the trip to stress island.


Taking time with Him each day fuels us for the day and offers so much more then any amount of multitasking. Jesus desires to have date time with us. We are His special someone that He is watching for, the one He has prepared the special feast of His word for, and the one He has set the table for. Will you meet Him there? Let Him be the one you mark your calendar for, the one you guard your time with. He is prepared and just watching out the window for you. Consider your time with Him as of the upmost importance and guard it well. Meet Jesus at the table for your date. Don’t be a no show 🙂





2 thoughts on “My date was a no show.

  1. Cindy excellent timing!
    Work has taken a busy turn for me. I woke up later than usual and considered dashing out the door
    Your post was a timely reminder on the importance of “keeping my date” with God.
    My mother never dared start her day without praying first. 20 years later I am seeing the wisdom in that

    Experience has taught me that if I let god manage my time any time I spend with him is never wasted.

    Thank you for describing the scene so well and bringing to light how much god Longs to talk to us


    1. Hi Ann, it’s awesome that you have the example of your mother praying every day. The enemy will try and keep us to busy for God if we let him. Sometimes we do wake up late or work really early, but our “daily bread” is what will fill us for the entire day. I’m so glad you were blessed by this post. Blessings my friend.


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