I don’t know what to write about this week…

Father in Heaven, whatever words You have for me, let them be a direct reflection of you. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hello my faithful table talkers! I hope you all are well. we are full on into the new year now and I know some of you have had some serious trials over the holidays. I think of you often and pray all is on the mend.


I’m sitting here typing this without any idea of what to write. That’s not a good place to be in as a writer. Or is it?


Does this leave more room for Gods’ idea to fully develop? I have been in this place before where I sit down to write and it’s like sitting in front of a white board and no marker in sight.


This can make me question if writing is really what I’m supposed to do. Shouldn’t I be brimming with ideas, jotting down notes as thoughts and words flood my mind? That’s what seems normal for any qualified writer. At least that’s what I always believed.


But as I’ve studied and learned, many writers actually hate the process of writing. HUH? That seems counter-productive. But I know that feeling. I am familiar with the blank canvas effect (That’s what I call it). I have closed my computer, with no words written and feelings of defeat.


But as I think about this defeat, I realize that my blank canvas effect, gives God a clean canvas to draw on.


Have you ever felt like this? You may not be a writer or painter or sculptor… but maybe you’ve felt unproductive in your job or role as a Mom or in your position at church. Maybe you feel fresh out of ideas and ready to throw away the proverbial pen, paint brush, or sculpting tool.


This can be the very place God needs us to be in order to better carry out the plans He has for our lives. If we have only our own thoughts and ideas swirling around in our minds, how will there be room for God’s thoughts and ideas?


So perhaps we should not be concerned with feeling uninspired or deflated in our jobs, homes, or churches. God has so much He longs to accomplish in our lives, so many more plans then we could ever fill a notebook with or storage we have on a computer or time we have in a day. Hand over the tools to Him and let His words, colors, clay, blueprints, activities…

be the ideas that flow. Let Gods’ plans unfold and see where He takes you!


I am on the verge of creating my first video for YouTube. I am very nervous to start this new adventure, but I’m going to hand over the tools and see what God is going to do. Are you ready to hand over the tools in your life too?

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