Just Wanted to Tell Ya a Little Somethin’

Hi there and happy Sunday to you! I just felt impressed to send off a little note of encouragement.


So often we get caught up in the busyness of life and we speed up even more at this time of year.


Sometimes the Christmas season isn’t filled with yuletide cheer for many people who may be facing their first holiday without a loved one. Maybe they have no family near them and wake up on Christmas morning alone with no one to share a holiday feast with. Maybe financially they are feeling left out of the over abundance of gifts given and received during this time. There may not be any parties, celebrations, family gatherings or trees to partake of. Even if there were these events available… it might be just to emotionally painful to be a part of them.


I recognize that.


May I just remind you of Jesus birth in a lonely manger and Mary having no one to support her during the birth other than Joseph. Where it is important and vital to have her husband present, there would be no mother to hold Mary’s hand or talk her through the pain or help her after the baby came. There would be no family around to celebrate with, no baby showers, no congratulatory parties, no well wishers coming by.


But still even as a baby, Jesus was there… and He is there with you now too.


The world can build up the Christmas holiday to be all about gifts, trees, feasts, garlands, ornaments, bows, and Santa. Jesus longs to remind us that it’s all about Him. Not to be selfish or boastful, but to offer His love and support to those who are lonely and hurting.


I will not pretend to know how you feel if you fall into one of these categories, but I will offer this prayer for you…


Father in Heaven, will You come near to the lonely and heartbroken this Christmas season. Will you bring the comfort and joy that only You can bring. Will You make the silent nights ring loudly with the sound of Your Angels singing about the first Noel to those who feel empty. Will You make every night of the season an oh so Holy night. Will You remind those who feel that they are forgotten that You came from far away in a manger to bring joy to the world. Let all of us hear the Angels on high sweetly singing the news of salvation for each of us. Father wrap those who feel so lost this Christmas in Your loving arms. May they feel Your Holy presents Lord In Jesus name, Amen.


I hope this note finds you well and brings a little smile to your face. See you all Wednesday!

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