It’s Foodie Friday! (Two Ideas for Christmas)

I have one recipe type item and one that is considered more of a gifty/foodie kind of item…


Around my table, I still have sugar cookies made from scratch. I know they have mixes and ready to bake sugar cookies and they will work just fine for this, but I’m still a sucker for home-made sugar cookies!


When you get your sugar cookie dough prepared, take each cookie and roll it out just a little thinner. Place an Andys Candy on top of one cookie then sandwich the other cookie on top. Pinch the edges together to seal them together. Bake as directed.


ooooooooey gooooooooooey deliciousness!


Now for the gifty/foodie item…


Find a really cute Christmas mug. These can be found at the dollar stores, thrift stores, on line, and don’t be afraid to gift one you already own if you are looking to thin your mug stash a little.


Get a set of adorable wine charms at any store that carries Christmas decor. Or again… on line. Attach one charm to the handle of the mug. Fill it with a couple packs of gourmet flavored hot chocolate or just the regular kind. Add in a hand full of M & M’s, a hand full of Herseys kisses or Andys Candies, and a couple candy canes.


Take two sheets of tissue paper that are not the same color but coordinate. Lay one down with the print (if it has one) facing down. Place the other one on top (this should be solid if the other has a print) and turn it slightly so they are off set of each other. It should kind of look like a star or snowflake in pattern.


Place your mug of goodies in the center and gather up the tissue paper around the mug leaving the curved ends of the candy canes sticking out on either side.


Tie it up with a pretty wired edge ribbon and fluff the loops of the ribbon.


Bundle up some cookies you just made and grab the mug gift and you have a perfect teachers gift, mail person, nail tech, dog walker… etc.


I also thought this would be a great tradition to start for grandparents or parents or whoever, that may have a lot of people they would like to get a gift for but maybe financially isn’t possible. Get a new (or new to the recipient) Christmas mug and charm to add to a collection every year. It’s that tradition that will be looked forward to each year! I am putting this in my back pocket for when I have grandchildren just to have that neat tradition.


Let me know if you might use this idea! Merry Foodie Friday!


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