It’s Show and Tell!

Father in Heaven, may this post serve as inspiration to anyone who may need it today or any day. In Jesus name, Amen


I’ve cleaned off the table to make a little display for you. One of my dear faithful readers, Ann, said that she would like to see some of the things I’ve been making. So that made me think about what to post this week and I’d like to share with all of you the items I’ve put together lately.


The reason I want to do this is to hopefully have it serve as some inspiration to someone who may be thinking they are limited due to some sort of disability or restriction of some kind. My philosophy is that if you have a desire to create… then create the way YOU can do it!


Some of you may have a child or spouse or parent who has limitations. Maybe you yourself have some, and you may be feeling like it’s impossible to pursue a particular hobby or career. I pray these photos will give you some hope that you just have to find a way that you are willing to be involved with and make it happen the best way you can!


So here we go with a gallery of pics of my creations…












If God has put a desire in your heart to create, He will make it possible. Just give it a try and be willing to do it in an unconventional way. Maybe it isn’t as scary as you might think!


I hope you enjoyed some of these “Creations from the Table”… wink

7 thoughts on “It’s Show and Tell!

    1. LOL, sure thing Rene! I so enjoy creating. It reminds me of how much love and detail God put into creating us. This will be the base line idea if I’m able to get my Youtube channel up and running. Blessings dear friend.


  1. Wow Cindy

    These are so beautiful

    The cushions are so tastefully and elegantly done- very nice! Do you sew the writing on? Just curious because the work is so neatly done

    I liked the Santa belt one – is that a table runner?

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us!


    1. Hi Ann! No, I didn’t stitch the writing on the pillows, it was on the fabric. I’m not that talented, lol. The Santa belt item is a throw blanket. I make these as prayer blankets. As I’m tieing them together, I pray for the person I’m making it for. If someone purchases one as a gift, I get a little info about the person getting the gift and pray for them. The pillows were really a trial run. I wasn’t sure how they would do but they have been very popular! I’ll definitely get a jump on them for next year. Thank you for your kind words. Blessings and Merry Christmas 🙂


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