It’s Foodie Friday! (chicken cheese ball)

Hi All! OK OK, I know the name of this recipe isn’t the best name but trust me… it is a crowd favorite at those holiday parties. It is a dip that goes great with buttery round crackers or something more jazzed up like garlic and herb, tomato basil, or cracked black pepper crackers.


1 large can white chunk chicken


1 8oz. block of cream cheese softened


1 envelope dry onion soup mix


That’s all the items needed! My kinda recipe! OK, all ya need to do is make sure that cream cheese softens to room temperature to make it easier to mix. Once it’s soft, put it into a medium bowl and add onion soup mix and drained can of chicken. Mix well together and cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a couple hours before serving. It is different then the same cheese ball Aunt Martha always brings to the Christmas parties… bless her heart. Give it a try and let me know how it goes over for your bunch.

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