I’m so sorry Y’all!

Oh boy, my apologies to all of you… I have been sick the last few days and have been trying to get some rest in between making holiday pillows that I truly had no idea would sell at all much less the amount of people wanting them.


I made one set and put it out there just to see what would happen and they kind of went crazy! So I’ll be better prepared for next year. But anyway, this is what happened as to why you didn’t see me in your in-box early this morning.


I am going to write my post tonight for it to show up for you tomorrow. I don’t want to rush through it and toss it into your Email. I want to be intentional. So we’ll see ya tomorrow morning and I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. See ya in the A.M. and grab your coffee or tea or whatever and have a seat at the table! Have a great day.

2 thoughts on “I’m so sorry Y’all!

    1. Sure! What I will probably do is a separate post like on Monday with some photos of what I’ve made so far. Feed back from you all would be great for me moving forward in my new ventures. Good to hear from you Ann!


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