It’s almost Turkey Day! (Gobble Gobble)

Father in heaven, I pray just now for all of us here to give thanks. Not just tomorrow but all year long. I know Father that not all our circumstances are Hallmark holiday perfect, but we can still praise you for what we do have. Remind us Lord, as we share our time with family and friends or being still in Your presents, to be thankful. Thankful for Your sacrifice Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.


Well are you ready for the big day? I have just a couple dishes to make and take this year so not to stressful. Although I do love cooking here at my house for Thanksgiving. It takes me back to my ten year old days of preparing for Thanksgiving.


In the weeks prior, my mom would take me with her to the grocery store to begin selecting the bird and other fixins that would not spoil before turkey day. I would walk through the store in wide-eyed and open nostriled amazement at the displays of Thanksgiving festivities. The glorious aroma of roasted turkey and savory scents of stuffing were enough to make you pour yourself a glass of eggnog and find a near by table to begin feasting right there in the store.


My Dad always wanted (and still does) cream cheese stuffed celery, black and green olives, and pickles as part of the “must haves” for this holiday. Selecting a jar of each, I could already hear my Mom scolding my Dad and shewing him out of the kitchen for fear there would be no pickles or olives left to serve at dinner. It was his job to stuff the celery and we always noticed the gaps in the tray of green and white logs at dinner.


The day would begin with Mom getting started on the bird pretty early and my Dad helping hold up the turkey while Mom stuffed it. Then she immediately kicked him out to save the relish tray. We turned on the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade and laid  about in the living room enjoying the laziness of the morning.


After Santa made his big debut, the kitchen became active again and Mom would call for help setting the table. This is when the “special serving pieces” came out. These were sterling silver serving spoons, meat forks, gravy ladle, and all the pieces nobody knew what to do with. These had been Moms grandmothers and were kept in a green felt cloth with a pocket for each piece. Each one slid out with ease after Mom unrolled the felt sack that was tied shut around the rolled up bundle. Gleaming silver and pearl handles suggested that these pieces had seen many a holiday.


Holiday dishes and table cloths were also used and promptly stripped off to pre-soak spills and dribbles that adorned it while snarffing down our feast. Gravy had dripped, pickle juice ran down fingers and on to the table cloth, and remnants of all the other dishes were displayed evidence on the cloth as well.


Food was put away, bird had been picked clean, and the holiday dishes returned to their cupboard awaiting Christmas dinner. Mom tucked each serving piece back into it’s rightful pocket in the felt case and life returned to normal. We all collapsed on various surfaces in the living room, including the floor. Watching football and dozing in and out of a turkey induced coma, we spent the rest of the day relaxing. I loved our little Thanksgiving family of four for dinner. Many people had large families who all got together for Thanksgiving but I never envied them. Nor did I feel sorry for the chaos they most likely faced. I felt content.


Now that I’m married and my husband has three brothers and they all have wives and kids, our Thanksgivings have grown to about twenty-five to thirty on any given holiday. But I love that too. It’s loud and crowded, noisy and joyful, tiring and exhausting. But we enjoy being with family.


when we are tempted to be anxious about having people over to our homes on Thanksgiving ,reflect and be grateful for your warm lovely roof over your head because so many are not as fortunate. When you are tempted to feel crowded by too many people around, focus on all the people who love you because a lot of people have no one to love them. When you feel frustrated at  seeing the huge pile of dishes needing washed after dinner, choose to be thankful for the bounty God has provided because so many people don’t know where or if their next meal is coming from.


I so wish we all could sit around the table together and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner! I have often wanted to do a “Friendsgiving” that I’m hearing so much about these days. What an awesome idea. My prayer for you all this Thanksgiving is that no matter if your day is filled with friends and family or praying over a single plate of food, is that we all remain thankful. God has given us much to be thankful for. His son is the biggest reason to be thankful.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all and we will chat again next Wednesday. Taking a break from “Foodie Friday” as there will likely be many left overs to keep us happy for the weekend.


Gobble Gobble Y’all and be safe and give thanks! Love you all!

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