A Spiritual Infection

Father in heaven, I pray You place Your hands over mine as I type these words. In Jesus name, Amen.


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I went to a follow up appointment after my ear surgery to find out how things are coming along. The doctor took out the rest of the packing…


OK let me just pause here and give you a visual; she pulled out what she could with tweezers, then she pulled out the rest with a tiny vacuum. A VACUUM! In my ear! Uh, I’m not sure I, as a writer, can find the words to describe that feeling. I caught a little glimpse of what a dust bunny way under the couch who has been busted and now is being pursued must feel like! The audio was whistley and rather uncomfortable but not exactly painful. I’m glad the packing is out now and I don’t have to have my brain potentially sucked out!


So on with my progress…


She had some medical students in with her and I became the proverbial lab rat as it were. Everyone was very professional and courteous. However they took turns peering into my post surgical ear and seeing what an infection looks like on a prosthetic implant. Oh boy… an infection.


Here is where the spiritual connection comes in. I have to confess to all of you, my dear valued readers, that … I simply brought on the infection myself. I’m not proud of this fact but I feel a spiritual lesson is to be had in this for me, and I’m hoping for all of us.


I was given very simple but specific instructions to use the prescribed ear drops twice a day for the six weeks until I saw the doctor again for follow up. I am TERRIBLE about remembering to take a prescription. I have not yet figured out why. I do all the tricks like putting it where I will be sure to remember it, setting an alarm on my phone, taking it before bed, taking it as soon as I get up… all the tricks. I just can’t seem to remember or rather make myself stop what I’m doing to take it.


Inserting prayer request here…


I didn’t do what the doctor said and now I have an infection. Have you ever known what it was that “the Great Physician” has prescribe for you to do, but for whatever reason, you’ve not followed His instruction? Did it result in a spiritual infection? I’ve been there.


After directly going the opposite direction of what I knew without a doubt was Gods plan, I experienced that spiritual infection. I couldn’t seem to connect with God, I had a multitude of things go wrong during that period of time, I couldn’t get my spiritual footing.


I needed my heavenly Doctor to prescribe the Antibiotic to heal my infection. This antibiotic was following His plans even when I think I know better. Even when I think His plans aren’t necessary for my spiritual growth and over-all health.


Matthew 9:12  “But when He heard it, He said, ‘those who are sick have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.'”


Friends we are all sick and in need of a physician. We will be in need this side of eternity. We live in a sin sick world and we need The Great Physicians prescriptions to keep us from getting infected by the negativity and gossip and slander and character assassination and all other manner of sickness that goes on around us.


God prescribes in His word our daily dose of what we need and if we will follow His instructions, we have far less chance of getting that spiritual infection that the enemy desires to inject us with. Just as the doctor knew what I needed to use daily to ward off infection, our heavenly Doctor knows infinitely more what we need to ward off spiritual infection. Take His prescription daily and follow His instructions diligently.


In short… follow the Doctors orders.


Now I will be faithful to use the ear drops my doctor prescribed and clear up the infection. The good news is that she is confident the infection will clear up and I’ll be on the road to better recovery soon. Your heavenly Doctor is just waiting for you to fill the prescription. Be confident that His medicine will clear up any infection and put you on the road to recovery. Let the healing begin.




6 thoughts on “A Spiritual Infection

    1. Thank you for your prayers Tonya. It’s so very important to take care of our bodies and minds. We are made in the image of God after all 🙂 I am learning this slowly but surely. I so appreciate your engagement here in the comments and your support. Blessings to you friend.


  1. Cindy

    I am the exact same way! I too often lose track of my prescriptions- mostly forgetting to take them at all. Sometimes wondering if I had already taken them

    Praying for your healing and a full recovery

    Thank you for your writing today – as always a powerful message


    1. Annie this happens more often then I care to admit. We just get side-tracked or involved with a project or whatever and our own care goes by the waste side. Forgetting that if we don’t care for ourselves, we cannot care for those we love. Great to hear from you! Blessings sweet Annie 🙂


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