Take those thoughts captive!

Father in heaven, may these words reach our hearts and minds in just the way You want them to. In Jesus name, Amen.


Baby it’s cold outside! It’s only 8 degrees where I am. So pull up a chair and let’s gather together here at the table and get warm. Grab a hot drink and let’s chat.


Do you find yourself dwelling on a negative thought or two or a thousand? Maybe something isn’t going right at work. Maybe your spouse has done something that made you upset and you just can’t seem to let it go. Maybe your child hasn’t made the kind of choices you would like them to. Maybe someone has been overly critical of you or your family.


Whatever your situation might be, it can bring with it a host of negative thoughts that will (if we let them) plague us all day and all night. Have you been there?


I have had a situation that has been doing just that, plaguing me for far too long. Although words can definitely hurt us, often times more then those proverbial sticks and stones, we have the choice to take them captive and lock them up. I have been pondering and pacing, wondering and worrying, grousing and groaning about a particular set of events that have gone on for quite some time. A person who has made me feel… not so good. A situation that has sometimes kept me up at night. Words that have given me stomach pains. You know what I mean right?


I talked with trusted friends who I knew would give me spiritual and biblical council. I complained to God about it. I shared with my husband my feelings about it. But I felt very recently, God whisper something to me in such a gentle but sort of heartbroken way.


“I wish you thought about me as much as you think about that.”


Ouch. I had done all the human responses to a circumstance but I hadn’t taken my thoughts captive. I just have been letting them run roughshod over my spiritual life.



2   Corinthians 10:5  “We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ.”


You see all the arguments the enemy wants to make for why we should be continually angry at or about someone or something, will be destroyed when we take our thoughts captive. Negative thoughts are only in OUR heads, therefore they are only hurting us. They only keep US up at night, they only give US a stomach ache, they only make US short tempered…


Our energy needs to be put into our family, our ministry, our relationships, our jobs…


When these negative thoughts tried to push open the door of my mind, I just reminded them that they were no longer welcome and asked God to help me place my mind on more worth while things. Things like what good friends I have, what an amazingly loving husband I have, how my adult children still want to go to church, the ministries God has asked me to carry.


I want to do a variation of this that works for my circumstance but I think a blessing box is a great tool to keep our negative thoughts captive. When we are dwelling to much on a particular hurt, we go to our blessing box and pull out one of the many slips of paper we have placed in it with our blessings on them, and remind ourselves of the positive things in our lives. I’m such a crafting nut that I love the idea of hand making our own personalized boxes and even making an “on-the-go” version to keep in our purse or car or desk. Will you make one with me? Let’s be intentional about taking those negative thoughts captive.


8 thoughts on “Take those thoughts captive!

  1. Wow! Cyndi, I know in the past the Holy Spirit has spoken to my heart through the words you share, but WOW!!! Today truly takes the cake-thank you SO MUCH! I am just amazed at how timely this is…thank you…thank you…thank you for letting the Lord speak through you in such a needed way today.


    1. Oh Tonya, you don’t know how much this blesses my heart! I just love hearing when someone has related to the words God has given me to write. All the honor and glory and praise goes to God! I’m so happy it touched your heart 🙂 I’m glad to hear from you again too 🙂 xoxo


    2. Cindy

      How did you know that I needed to hear this

      My mind has been in turmoil over the past weeks. I have been struggling with regretting a decision I made and wondering if life took a wrong turn

      But your message speaks to me that I need to think more about the One who is always with me on my journeys. The one who will guide and provide for my need. The One who can rescue me and provide wisdom.

      Thank you this reminder.

      I love the idea of a blessing box! If I don’t write down my blessings how easily I forget Gods constant faithfulness.

      I sporadically kept a journal over the past eighteen years and I marvel every time I read my old entries
      Where God helped me with my anxiety and he was always with me like a loving father

      One of my favorite songs when I am feeling down is Jennifer Rothschild “ let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you o lord”


      1. Hello sweet Annie! It’s good to hear from you! I’m often told how people live with regrets about a decision from the past and I’ve lived with regrets too. But now I choose to see them as stepping stones that lead me on my path with Jesus. Please feel free to Email me with a prayer request if the Lord prompts you to.


        I would love to come along side you in prayer as the Lord leads. Thank you for the feed back on the prayer box as well. Many of you are liking that idea and as I mentioned to another reader, I am praerfully moving forward with a devotional/crafting Youtube channel and this will likely be my first project. I feel Gods leading in this venture and I want to be obedient to that leading. Prayers would be appreciated as I move ahead. Blessings to you and don’t hesitate to send me a prayer request email 🙂


  2. Cyndi,
    I echo Tonya’s words!
    I have used this verse in the past & I needed to be reminded of this verse, esp today!
    I’m going to make my tiny flip note paper on a ring full of verses I need !
    Bless you for your transparency, spiritual gifts & love for Jesus!


    1. Hi Rene! So good to hear from you 🙂 I truly am grateful that God has blessed you through these words. We all can be so plagued with negative thoughts that weigh us down and keep us from living the abundant life God has for us. I pray for Gods leading in doing some sort of “abundant life” series on the blog soon. It is a concept that intrigues me quite a bit. Blessings to you 🙂


  3. I love the idea of a blessing box. I have to remind myself of my blessings when the negative thoughts take over, and they often do. What a great concept. The verse is perfect reminder. And what a way to hear from God. I know I need to spend more time with Him.

    Cheryl G.


    1. Yes indeed, we all could use more time with our Father. I’m so glad you were blessed Cheryl, and I am happy to be getting feed back on the blessing box. As I prayerfully move forward, I just may begin my devotional/crafting youtube channel with something like this. Blessings to you and don’t forget to check out todays “Foodie Friday” recipe and I hope you get a chance to give it a whirl!


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