Who keeps tying tin cans to my car?

Father in heaven, my prayer is for all of us to read these words and glean from them some wisdom about ourselves. In Jesus name, Amen


Well here we are for some more table talk time! I hope your week has been pleasant. It’s been a week full of blessings for me as my son has been invited to speak at my church and I’ve also been invited to speak there in a few weeks. Though I won’t go looking for such invitations on my own, I’m honored to speak for God wherever He calls me and allows me too. I’m not going to seek it out because I never want to mistake Gods calling for my own effort.


So let’s talk about the old days for a moment…


Do you remember the days of people tying tin cans to the back bumper of a newly-weds car? It was designed to draw attention to the happy couple as they drove away into their future lives together.


If you happened to be on the sidewalk on one such day, you would here the CLANG CLANG CLANG of all the cans rattling on the ground as they were being dragged by the car.


On-lookers would stop and turn their attention to the automobile responsible for all the racket. Then realizing that it was a new bride and groom, people would be more tolerant of the noise.


However I would guess that if the newly-weds were to drive around the same block several times, the on-lookers would quickly become can snippers. The incessant clatter would simply be too much.


The sentiment was thoughtful but after a mile or two, even the happy couple would get annoyed and… out would come the scissors.


Do you sometimes feel like the negativity in your life is like those tin cans after a mile or two? Maybe on some level the annoyance started out to be a nice gesture, but has now become something you just want to find a way to cut loose.


Now I’m not suggesting to cut loose your job, marriage, friendships, church members, etc.


I am however, suggesting to cut loose the feelings that make the CLANG CLANG CLANG in your situation.


Perhaps a co-worker has stepped on your toes one too many times; CLANG CLANG CLANG!


Maybe your spouse has been far too unappreciative; CLANG CLANG CLANG!


It could be a family member or friend who has, yet again, criticized your ideas; CLANG CLANG CLANG!


We have to be in prayer about these issues because if the enemy can be successful in “getting our goat”, then he will continue to use the same method.


1 Peter 5:8  “Be sober minded, be watchful, your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”


If we let all the negative tin cans clang so loudly that we cannot hear Gods calling on our lives, the enemy will most certainly devour us. It is time for us to begin carrying those proverbial scissors and snip off those cans one by one.


If someone at work has taken over your project, be the inclusive one who says “hey I’ve noticed you have a big interest in this project, how about helping me with some of it?”


If your spouse seems to not notice your efforts, you could snip a can by responding with “I love that I can do so many things for you as my partner and I’m glad you do them for me too.”


If a friend or family member is overly critical of something you want to or have accomplished, you could respond with “well there you have your plan if you decide to do a project like this.”


We have to have boundaries put up to keep out the “roaring lion” or he will make a meal out of us. God desires to protect us from that lion.


I hope these words give all of us the scissors to start snipping those cans free from our lives. Instead of hearing CLANG CLANG CLANG… let’s begin listening for the SNIP SNIP SNIP!


Maybe you could even print off a picture of some scissors and put it in your bible in 1 Peter 5. Hold fast to God and He will shut the mouth of the lion!



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