Whatkind of make up do you wear?

Father in heaven, I pray this will be a time of growth for all of us. In Jesus name, Amen.


Come on in and have a seat friends! It’s good to have you here at the table. I dare say this weeks post may relate to women more then men, but I think we all can glean from it.


This week at my in-home book club, we discussed a particular chapter in Whitney Capps book, “Sick of Me”. She refers to a time in seventh grade that she got a zit. Normal for most seventh  graders, but she pointed out that she NEVER got zits. So well known was this fact that when she did get one, it really stood out to her peers. One day at the lunch table, a particular girl noticed said zit and announced in a VERY loud voice, “Oh my goodness! Whitney you’ve got a zit right on your chin!” as she noticeably pointed directly at the offending red mound on her face.


Whitney was of course mortified and ran to the bathroom to inspect her preteen conundrum. Evidently no amount of make up (which she had not started wearing yet) would cover up this champion of a zit.


We at the book club discussed how we sometimes use “spiritual make up” to hide or cover up certain sins or just things we know we need to change. This might look something like taking on various positions at church to look extra spiritual. It may look like staying away from church all together to avoid people asking questions we don’t want to answer. It may look like working lots of over-time to be to exhausted to focus on anything we might need to tweak in our lives.


What ever shade of blush, powder, or lipstick we might choose, it will not hide or cover up the bright red mound that needs proper attention and appropriate cream to help it heal.


Whitney points out that often times using make up, not only doesn’t help, but can even draw more attention to the unwanted zit. If we try to cover up what needs proper attention for spiritual growth, we can end up doing the exact opposite.


Like the school mate in the lunch room, God already knows about our zit before we do. He isn’t interested in being our cosmetologist, but He is interested in being our dermatologist.


God wants us to apply the zit cream, AKA; His word, and heal the zits in our lives. Like getting rid of an infected pus pocket on your face,  can be a little painful to heal. However when it does… your spiritual complexion will be glowing! No make up needed!


Allow God to point out the zit and show you how to heal it so you, as well as others, can see Jesus in you! I want others to see Jesus in me too. Not my Foundation or eye shadow. Will you pick up the wash cloth and zit cream and let God give you a shining glowing complexion! I’ll be in the dermatologists office right behind ya!


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