It’s Foodie Friday (Goulash)

Well it’s the perfect time for a big pot of Goulash!


There is one ingredient that I use that makes a little twist on it…


1 lb. ground beef or turkey or chicken


1 32 oz. can of crushed tomatoes


1 small onion


1 lb. medium shell or elbow noodles


1 can V8 or tomato juice


about 2 or 3 Tbl. brown sugar


Dice the onion and place it in a skillet with 1 tsp. butter. Brown meat with the onion. Drain. Cook noodles as label directs. Drain. In a dutch oven, place cooked noodles and meat. Pour in crushed tomatoes and about 3/4 of the tomato juice/V8. Then the twist… sprinkle in the brown sugar. This helps to cut down on some of the acidity of the tomato content. It gives a deliciously sweet taste to a wonderful comfort food. Let simmer together for about 30 to 45 minutes, then serve with some warm bread or rolls and butter and watch a great fall movie. Enjoy!

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