Why I like the movie Shrek

Father in Heaven, may these words glorify Your name. In Jesus name, Amen


Welcome back to the table friends. Hope you have had a good week so far. Let’s dig in to today’s blog.


Do you remember the first Shrek movie? Oh my stars, I think I once knew every line by heart! My son was about two years old when the first one came out. He saw it for the first time when he was about five.


We bought it on VHS (showing my age here) and he decided one day to watch it six times in a row… yes… six! He hit rewind and played it over and over.


Oi, if I had to hear Shrek yell at Donkey one more time that day I might have accidentally dropped the video into the washing machine, thereby rendering Shrek from shrieking anymore!


But alas, I couldn’t do that to my sons favorite movie.


But as I watched it with him a time or two…thousand, I realized a message that was being told was actually a good one. I’m not sure that it was the intended message but I chose to see it this way.


In all the Disney princess movies (or any princess movies) the damsel in distress has always been this lovely slim beautiful girl who had beautiful rosy cheeks (no make up required) and perfect red lips (maybe not Maybelline). She has beautiful long hair in shades of blond, raven, walnut, or flaming red. Shiny gorgeous locks spill over her shoulders that are perfectly shaped and her dress is usually expertly fitted to her size two waist.


Does all these attributes sound familiar? Do you remember watching the Duke slip the glass slipper on to Cinderellas perfectly shaped size five foot? how about the prince kissing Auroras full red lips in Sleeping Beauty? Even a fictional figure like a mermaid had flowing red hair and a size nothing waist.


All these fabulous princess beauties lived happily ever after right? What about the size twelve or size eighteen girl with hard to manage hair? What about the girl who wears a size eleven shoe? How about the girl who has skin that wants to react to everything she tries to put on in the way of cosmetics or skin care?


Proverbs  31:30 “charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”


This is where I see the positive message in Shrek. The princess in this movie, Fiona, started out being one of the “typical” princesses, then we learn she has a secret. At night she turns into an Ogre. This, she sees, as a terrible thing. But when it comes time for the “spell” to be broken, it wasn’t the GQ inspired prince who saves the day and rids her of being an ogre. No, it was the unlikely spell breaker named Shrek, another ogre, who rescues her from the tower and frees her from her secret identity.


One expects to see her turn back into the beautiful princess she was during the day light. However, she remains an ogre. She is disillusioned and says to Shrek “I don’t understand. I’m supposed to be beautiful.” Shrek answers her by saying, “but you are beautiful.”


They saw past what the world deems beautiful and attractive and found love in the heart. Shrek saw her “realness” and loved her for it. She saw protectiveness and strength in Shrek and loved him for it. They didn’t ride off in a horse drawn carriage to the castle and all it’s glory. They walked to a shack in the swamp and lived their happily ever after.


I love that beauty is being displayed in a real life sort of way in this movie. It’s not only the beauty queens who live happily ever after. It’s not the Prince Charmings of the world who find the love of their life.


Jesus loves each and every one of us no matter our circumstances, financial status, height, weight, shoe size, hair color, eye color, position, or anything in between. He has a happily ever after for all of us. It’s found in Christ alone. Not in what the world says is valuable.


Beauty fades… money is spent… positions are replaceable. Love never fades or fails. The love of Jesus can never be destroyed no matter what!


   I think if we could take a lesson from Fiona and be who God intended for us to be, we might be able to begin letting go of trying to measure up. God uses no ruler, no measuring stick. He just uses the measure of His love for us. Remember that you are a princess, you are a prince, because you are a child of the King!                                            Crown

2 thoughts on “Why I like the movie Shrek

    1. Amen to that Cheryl. God hand crafted us with His own two hands. He didn’t speak us into existence the way He did all the rest of His creations. God lovingly fashioned every detail of each one of us! Blessings friend.


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