I’m just thinkingout loud here…

Hi all! Surprised to see me in your inbox this morning?


Well I am just sort of thinking out loud here and wanted to get my thoughts down for review. I also wanted to get some honest feed back from my beloved readers here at the table.


My first love will always be the Lord and sharing the messages He lays on my heart each week for all of you. I love being able to share God in a “real life” kind of way… through everyday experiences. This will be something I look forward to doing.


I also enjoy feeding the body as well as the soul which is why I started doing the “Foodie Friday” segment of the blog. But I have yet another love…


I absolutely love crafting! I know that seems over flooded in the YouTube and blogging industries but this does not water down my passion and love for it.


Now I’m not talking about major projects like refinishing furniture or building tables or anything like that. No, I’m talking about re-purposing cabinet doors into lovely memorable pieces that are fairly easy and reasonable to do.


Let me explain a little more my thoughts behind this…


When you think hand made items, do you automatically think that a blind person made it? Probably not right?


scissoirs   When you think of using glue guns and scissors or sewing needles and stitching, your mind most likely does not envision a blind person behind these projects.


But I do these projects almost on the daily. It’s not that I go to craft fairs or even sell items on line or anywhere for that matter… I just love to see how the Lord opens up new possibilities for me! That’s kinda my point with where I’m heading with this.


I want to be able to inspire those people who are of the mind set that “I could never do that”. What ever the “that” is, I want for people to say… hmmm, maybe I can.


I’ve taken the long way around this to share what has been on heart with you all. I have been toying with the idea of a YouTube channel that marries my love of devotional writing and my love of crafting.


I would have a inspirational word to start with, then move into a craft project. This of course is only in the thinking phase and I have some praying to do on the matter, but I thought some feed back from all of you as we sit around the table together, would help me in that process.


I would even love to hear some suggestions of names for a channel if anyone is so inspired to offer one.


Well, this is my thoughts and I look forward to hearing from all of you on what you think.


Oh and by the way… please don’t be shy about telling me that this idea stinks if you don’t feel it would be a good idea  🙂  I can take it!


Anyway, love to all of you and go ahead and start sharing your thoughts with me.

4 thoughts on “I’m just thinkingout loud here…

    1. Hi Cheryl! Oh I really like that title! I’m probably going to start making a list of names to choose from. You have the first suggested name. I like the play on words because of the devotional aspect and the fact that my eyes don’t work very well so it would be using Gods vision. Awesome. Thanks so much for your feed back 🙂 Blessings!


  1. I love the name!
    You know how I feel- if you’ve prayed through it & feel God is leading you & opening doors, trust Him.


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